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Top 7 – Internet has taught me

Top 7The internet is full of tips, tricks, life hacks and tutorials n how to make your life easier. As a professional internet addict I’ve come across a lot of them and even tried a few. Some of these tips and tricks are actually useful and I would like to share some of them with you in case you’ve never come across them.

These are things internet has taught me.

#7: How to use baby powder as dry shampoo

I’m a huge fan of dry shampoo! I have long hair and my roots tend to get oily way before my ends, but I don’t like to wash my hair every day so I use dry shampoo. However, when I use something fairly regularly I tend to run out of the product and wish I had something to substitute it with.

Picture from
Picture from

I found an article on which informed me that I could use baby powder as dry shampoo. I tried it out and it really did work. It did exactly what the dry shampoo would have done, but it also made my hair really electric. The hair electricity isn’t a big con, so I will continue to use baby powder as a substitute for my dry shampoo whenever I accidentally run out of the real stuff.

I wouldn’t use baby powder as the only dry shampoo in the long run.

#6: How to clean fake jewelry

Most of my jewelry is fake and it tends to darken fairly easily. It hadn’t really even occurred to me that I could clean them. I had just submitted that it’s what their supposed to do and so be it! Then one day I saw a video tutorial on YouTube on DoItOnaDime-channel and I felt quite silly.

It’s one of the easiest things to do and now I can give my cheap jewelry even a longer life.

#5: How to make a hair mask

This hair mask sounds and looks delicious and is also completely edible. It might be an absolute delight to your taste buds as well as your hair. I have not made this myself yet, but it’s on my list of things to definitely do someday.

#4: How to hem dress pants like a pro

I don’t own any dress pants but my husband sure does. He has the sort of body type that never finds the perfect pair of pants; they’re always too long. I can easily fix almost every other type of pants, but you can’t use the sewing machine for dress pants. They would just look awful!

We’ve usually taken Petri’s dress pants to my step-mother-in-law who is a professional seamstress, but she’s a busy woman with a half a dozen grand children, her work and her hobbies. Luckily internet know how to do everything and I found a simple tutorial with handy pictures on

Picture from
Picture from

The tutorial was so simple that even I could do it and now we don’t have to bother my step-mother-in-law with this sort of thing.

#3: How to make a photo album out of envelopes

I love doing crafts and the day I found Kathy Orta on YouTube I finally realised how much fun scrap-booking could be. I found a tutorial on how to make a photo album using envelopes, cards and scrap-booking paper. It wasn’t too hard either. It sure did seem a little overwhelming at first, but when I finally started making my own I came to the conclusion that getting the measurements right on every piece was actually the hardest part.

#2: How to condition your dry ends

Elle Fowler, a YouTube beauty guru, mentioned in one of her videos last week that her hair gets really dry from the ends quite quickly. Her hairdresser told her to put some conditioner to the ends before applying shampoo and then to go forward normally with shampooing. And then once more condition like you normally would.

I have dry ends as well and I should probably cut them shorter to make them healthy again, but I will definitely use this tip from this day forward to prevent then drying out sooner then they should.

#1: How to do the sock the sock bun

I’m not really good with my hair. I should learn how to do different hairstyles, but something’s stopping me. I’m just lazy I guess. But the sock bun is so easy to do that even I can do it. I love internet for teaching me how to do one. I guess internet could teach me how to do a bunch of other hairstyles too…


Internet is very useful indeed. What have you learned?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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