Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – My Birth

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, because I won’t have access to Internet on Thursday, which is today. (Now that’s a sentence that doesn’t make much sense.) By the time this post goes up I’ll be roaming the streets of Stockholm, Sweden, with my sister. I’ll be back sometime on Saturday, but I’m definitely excited for our three day trip.

It’s Thursday, so I’ll go forward with my weekly habit of Writer’s Workshop.

The Prompts

1.) Your favorite kind of exercise.
2.) Take a picture every hour and show us what a day in your life is like.
3.) Tell us about something you got in trouble for that you didn’t actually do.
4.) Tell the story of your birth.
5.) Create a list of things you do (or will someday do) when your kids are at school.

4.) Tell the story of your birth.

Since it’s my birthday this Sunday it’s more than timely to share the story of my birth. I can’t exactly remember much of it, but I’ll share what I’ve heard from my relatives.

I’m a 16 months younger than my big sister and this was a shock to my mother, who didn’t want to have two children with such a small age difference. You can read between the lines that I was an accident. My mom actually denied being pregnant with her second child, me, even from herself, but she’s been a great mom ever since she finally admitted I was on my way.

I was born on a Wednesday morning, September 22, 1982. The night before had been stormy. Actually the night before had been extremely stormy. One of the biggest storms of the year raved through Finland that night. The storm destroyed woods, threw bunch of boats deep into the shore and killed two people who were unlucky enough to have sought refuge in their summer cabin that was uplifted and thrown against some rocks by a tornado. And by the time the storm had passed I was born.

I was causing my mom some grief already before I was born. I don’t know what I was doing but I had caused my moms blood pressure to rise and she had been admitted to the hopital a couple of days before I wanted to come out. I was having a ball though. I think I really liked being in my moms tummy.

My mom doesn’t disagree on this. I was really happy to be in the warm and watery surroundings so much that when it was time to be born I really didnt want to leave. I tried my very hardest no to come out, but after over 14 hours I gave up. I guess I had used all my strength and willpower, and finally let go of the uterus and out I came. After that I’ve been a pretty good child obeying my mom and dad with most things.

So here I was. I had been born. I was the most beautiful baby ever seen and my mom was especially happy about it since my sister had been one of the ugliest babies ever. She definitely deserved a pretty baby after her.

Even though I was an accident my mom and dad have both loved me a lot through my whole life. I know parents can’t really choose a favorite child, but I’m very sure I’m at least my mom’s favorite.

My sister is pretty OK though.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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