Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Judge Dredd and Tony Stark

Wednesday ReviewI’ve been watching movies again. This time I watched two and I really liked both of them. Lets see if I can tell you what exactly I liked about them!


DreddI was pretty skeptical about this movie. I didn’t really know what to expect because the whole Judge Dredd comic was unfamiliar for me. A friend of mine who lent this movie to me said she was surprised about how good it was. I was still sure I wouldn’t like it, because something about the cover hinted it was going to be dark and gloomy.

Turns out it actually was dark and gloomy, but in a surprisingly good way. I have a twisted mind when it comes to violence in movies. In some movies I love all the blood (e.g. Tarantino’s films), but most of the time I’m so lovey-dovey that I don’t realy care for people getting hurt. This movie was one of those films where the violence was needed and it wasn’t a problem for me. The story was interesting in a way and I totally fell in love with Karl Urban‘s (Judge Dredd) jaw.

I usually don’t really like 3D movies, because the 3D glasses are very uncomfortable to wear on top of my glasses, but I must say this movie made the pain worth it. The 3D effects used in this movie were amazing! If you have the chance you must watch it in 3D!

I give Dredd three thumbs up, but I will give one extra thumb for the 3D effects, which makes four in total!

Four thumbs

Iron Man 3

Iron man 3I love Tony Stark! Doesn’t everybody? Iron Man has slowly become my favorite superhero. My favorite use to be Superman, but the time has come for him to give up his place in my heart for Iron Man.

I think the first Iron Man is still my favorite of the three. This third one is definitely my second favorite. I think I feel something similar towards these movies that I feel towards food. I like food in general and most food that I eat is good and it makes me happy. I like Robert Downey Jr. in general and everything he does seems to be good and he makes me happy.

I liked the movie and I’m planning to see it again, which means it wasn’t bad. But compared to Dredd this movie’s 3D effect were non-existent.

I give Iron Man 3 three and a half thumbs up!

Three thumbs

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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