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Health Month – Weight Loss Challenge

Health monthI’ve been treating me so good lately, that if it was possible to be wooed by myself, I would be wooed. And by saying I’ve been treating me good I, of course, mean that I’ve not been shoving any crappy food down my throat. I’ve been eating healthy nutritious food for the past week. I’ve been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and I’ve also been doing a little exercise. I feel good!

Treating me good has also paid off. I weighed 88.3 kg (194.7 lb) last week and today I weighed 87.7 kg (193,3 lb), which means I lost 0.6 kg (1.4 lb) this week. This makes me really happy and I feel nothing can stand in my way!

My Health Month goals were also easy enough to achieve this week. I’ve been drinking so much water, which naturally results to a lot of pee, that I think I’ve tripled my toilet paper consumption. I’ve also noticed that the more I drink the thirstier I get. I never used to feel thirsty, but now I’m thirsty all the time. Is this good or bad? Am I drinking too much water? Can too much water dehydrate you?

September progress week 2A friend of mine is hosting a weight loss challenge croup and our small group meets each other every Thursday for 12 weeks. We’ve gotten together twice now and I find this group extremely supportive! It’s exactly what I need to be better. I’m a competitive person and I suck at losing. If someone is doing better than me, I will surely show them I can be as good as them.

The first time we got together we were asked to write down some goals we would like to achieve. We wrote down two sets of  goals; short-term goals to achieve by the end of the 12 weeks and long-term goals to achieve after longer period of time, like after a year or two.

I chose only one short-term goal, because I think I would get too distracted to be concentrating on many things during a short period of time. During the 12 weeks, (only 10 left now) I would want to have lost 10 kg (approximately 22 lb). I know this is achievable and I pretty determined to damn well achieve it too!

I chose three long-term goals to have achieved them preferably in about a year.

  1. Get down to normal weight. In my case this means I should weigh under 66 kg (145.5 lb).
  2. Be addicted to exercise. I hate to force myself to go out and do things. I want to want to go out and do things.
  3. Drink water without thinking about it. I wish I wouldn’t have to constantly remind myself to get some water.

These are my health goals for the future. What would you like to achieve in 12 weeks? In a year? Or two?

weigh loss challenge

It’s my last week of vacation and I’m going to go for a small three day trip to Stockholm with my sister this Wednesday. I promise I will make healthier choices during the trip, but I sure will indulge as well. We are going to travel by ferry and we will be eating at the buffet on board. The buffet is usually filled with all sorts of delicious things and because I love food in general I most certainly will love whatever they offer.

For this week’s challenge I will challenge myself to choose only one dessert at the buffet. I know this will be hard because I love desserts and there’s probably loads of them there. Maybe if I try to convince myself that most of it isn’t that good at all – the tiramisu is probably very watery and all the cakes are just very dry – why would I want to eat them?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


2 thoughts on “Health Month – Weight Loss Challenge

  1. I used to be in good shape and size 8, which isn’t model thin, but it sure isn’t heavy. Once I hit about 45, I started to thicken. I didn’t do anything different in my life, I just started putting on weight! I now wear a size 14. I do eat healthy, with low fat and calories, but I am having a hard time getting the weight off. I am on my feet 90% of the day, chasing after kids, taking them to the park and running around there with them. It’s not like I sit at a desk all day! I, too, love food and it was very hard to cut way back and eliminate so many yummy things! I think I kind of understand your struggles. We can do this! Oh, and for me I get a couple of water bottles and freeze them. I LOVE the icy cold water. It helps me to get plenty of liquids every day.

    Sorry I’m so chatty

  2. It’s totally normal that you feel dehydrated when drinking water. I always do. I need to have my at least 2 litres of water per day or I feel like I’m drying. For example today, I haven’t have enough sleep, so I need to have more water and even though I’ve been up like 45 mins, I’ve drunk about a litre of water. That just means your body is getting used to it that it’ll always get it fix. 😉

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