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My awkward way with words

The Daily Post @ WordPress.com announced the launch of blogging events page on their site last week. Today I took a good look at it to see if there would be anything I might find interesting. I did indeed find a few, but I’m still just window shopping and browsing to see the whole selection.

I did however come across the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge that seemed to be quite interesting. Since it’s Tuesday and this weeks challenge topic is words, I thought i’d write a few and take part in the challenge as I go.

As I was browsing the hosting blog, Across the Bored, I found the previous Tuesday’s topic and noticed the announcement of it being the last of the Two Cents Tuesday Challenges. I was slightly confused for a minute thinking is this thing still on and why would they end this challenge that I had just thought was absolutely great?


I read a few comments on the post and found the answer I was looking for; while the challenge post’s were liked a lot, they didn’t get as many responses as was expected anymore. A valid reason I think, which is one of the reason I decided to take part in the challenge – to create a response and write some words.

The discussion where I found the answer I was looking for also mentioned something about commenting on other blogs, but getting hardly no comments on your own blog. This got me thinking of my own commenting-routine, which in all honesty is pretty much non-existent. I love getting comments on my blog and I think I reply to most of them, usually later rather than sooner. This is something I think I should work on, because I myself like getting replies to my comments rather sooner than later, so it’s kind of unfair that I don’t reply to the comments I get sooner than I do.

Another thing I think I definitely should do a lot more, is comment more on the blogs I read. I usually have something to say whenever I read a post, but when I’ve written the comment down and I re-read it for grammar and spell check, I most of the time think the comment is stupid and no one will like it. I’m silly, I know, but that’s how my brain functions.

This doesn’t happen just when writing comments to posts by people I’ve never met, this happens with people I know as well. I’ve written countless of comments on my friends’ Facebook status updates and deleted most of them thinking they’re just stupid and people will think I’m stupid too. By people I mean people who are friends of my friends on Facebook. My friends already know I’m stupid… 😉 I have trouble posting my own Facebook statuses because I’m so self aware. I think it’s absolutely unbelievable I’m still capable if writing a blog every day, but I can’t come up with a Facebook status only my friends see. I obviously have some issues…

I believe I think I’m a clever and witty commenter and once I read what I’ve written I realize I might not be that clever after all and that’s when all the insecurities come in. I don’t comment as much as I would like to. I’m going to do something about for sure. I want to make comments on other blogs because I know that’s a great way to get traffic on mine and I know I’m an awesome person and if you’re not reading my blog yet, you’re definitely missing out!

Well, the topic of the challenge this week was words and this is what I first thought of when I saw the topic.

I think one of the reasons I feel so insecure while commenting is that I think I don’t really make much sense. I think this post doesn’t even make much sense. Hope you enjoyed reading it and leave a comment about your favorite comment on one your posts, or comment on how silly you think I am being weird about commenting, or comment on how much memories Boyzone brings to your mind.

If you comment on mine, I will reply and comment on yours!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


3 thoughts on “My awkward way with words

  1. Now this is what I’m talking about! I am glad that you found the challenge and that it sparked not only a post but also a discussion about alot of the problems involved with blogging – sometimes it feels like we are toiling away in a vacuum and that no one out there is really paying attention to the messages that we are trying to get across. At across the Bored we like to think that communication is key – doesn’t matter how mundane or silly, serious or philosophical – it’s all good. Thanks for your entry…

    1. I was super inspired to take part in the challenge. It also really inspired me to get more social around the blogging field and perhaps find new inspiring friends along the way. Thanks for that!

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