Slim Down Project

Health Month – Exercise challenge

Health month

Two weeks ago I was slightly saddened by the fact that I had gained weight due to too much delicious food and alcohol over the weekend. Last week I didn’t have access to a scale, but unfortunately I had clear access to my mom’s fridge, which was filled with a lot food. I’m very sure the scale wouldn’t have been friendly if I did have access to it, because when I weighed myself this morning the number wasn’t as small as I wished it would have been.

Nevertheless it was smaller than two weeks ago and that does make me really happy. Two weeks ago the scale claimed I weigh 88.5 kg (195.1 lb) and today I weighed 88.3 kg (194.7 lb). Next Monday it’ll hopefully be even less.

As for my Health Month goals – I’ve been sleeping enough, which has been easy because I’m still on vacation and I can pretty much wake up whenever I want. I’ve been carrying my 750 ml water bottle with me everywhere and I’ve been drinking the water a lot too. The only goal I’m not meeting is the exercise rule.

September progress week 1

I was very sick like maybe six weeks ago and I obviously didn’t exercise then. I’ve been struggling to get that exercise mood back on ever since and now I think it’s time to start doing things again. I have no excuses; the weather is still nice outside, I’m on vacation and nothing to do all day, so I should just kick myself around the butt and go for a walk, right!?

I will get those trainers out from the bottom of the shoe-pile and go out, but I will also challenge myself to do this simple beginner’s exercise routine for five days this week.

That’ll be my small weekly health challenge this week and I encourage you to do it as well or give yourself another challenge to boost your week! You could maybe challenge yourself to attend every class at school or eat more fruit if that’s something you struggle with.

Have a great week everyone!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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