Memory Lane

Memory lane – How I met my husband

Today is our one year wedding anniversary and I figured it would be a good time to share the story of how we actually met with my husband. Hope you enjoy this little story down the memory lane.

I met my husband, Petri, for the first time a little over eight years ago. I had moved from Turku to Helsinki six months earlier. I moved to a totally different city after a new workplace and in hopes of a better and more exciting life. Petri got hired as the new assistant store manager to the small grocery store I worked at the time.

I wish I could say our story began with love at first sight, but it didn’t. He was, and still is I guess, a pretty average guy, although I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with average guys. He was a very nice and kind man, (and obviously still is) but I didn’t think he was anything special for a while.

It was around this time of the year eight years ago, in fact it was about two weeks from now, when he suggested we’d go out for a couple of beers after work on a Friday. We were on the evening shift together and there was this local bar next to our work place where we used to go with all the colleagues after work. So, him asking me to go wasn’t at all that special, but something in my brain clicked and during the three days from the day he suggested our “date”until that Friday I had managed to develop a crush on him.

I don’t know what  happened, but for some reason the moment he suggested we’d go for a beer together, I looked at him differently. I realised he’s actually really nice and not too ugly at all. In fact I started to think he looked quite cute. I though, maybe I could like him more than just as a colleague.

Petri in London a year ago on our honeymoon
Petri in London a year ago on our honeymoon

The Friday finally came and I had butterflies in my stomach. The closer the closing time of the store came, the more nervous I was. I had no idea if he felt the same or not. This was the first time we were going for a beer just the two of us and somehow it had been clear the whole time that no one else was invited. The clocked struck nine and we closed and headed for the pub.

We were both sort of shy eight years ago and our first beers were drank in close to silence. By the third round we were getting more relaxed and started chatting up a bit more. After, I can’t remember how many rounds we decided to head to the downtown and that’s when things started happening. It was quite a chilly evening and I tentatively said I was feeling a little cold. Well, he wrapped his arms around me and held me really close and a moment later we were kissing.

We got on the bus and we were like a couple of teenagers smooching and cuddling each other the whole ride to downtown. If I had been the person sitting behind us, I would have been at least a little embarrassed for us. We had a great night and all we saw was each other.

We went on a couple of dates during the next two weeks, but he got cold feet and claimed our thing to be a bad idea. He had had a relationship with another colleague once and it didn’t end well and he didn’t want us to be awkward if it happened. I tried my best to convince him it obviously wouldn’t happen, but he was adamant and we called it quits for a month or two.

We still worked together and luckily things weren’t awkward at all between us. I continued to be the lovely me that I am and not long after our little thing had hardly started and ended he was already having regrets of ever doubting I wouldn’t be the one for him. He started flirting with me at work again and eventually called me and admitted he’d been a fool hoping I would still like him. We ended up getting back together before Christmas and have been together ever since.

The end.

This is us on our wedding day a year ago.
This is us on our wedding day a year ago.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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