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Top 7 – Regrets

Top 7When asked if I have any regrets, I always say I don’t have any, because I really don’t. Sure, there are things I would have done differently if I had the knowledge I have now, but I do not regret anything I have done.

Inspired by the daily prompt I gathered up a list of things I would have left undone or done in a different way.

#7: Choosing high school over vocational school

Though I’ve always loved reading, I’ve never been too good at learning by reading. My mom knew this and suggested I’d go to vocational school instead of high school when I was 15 years old. Finnish high school (lukio) is mostly studying things out of books and I’m more of “learn as I go” type of person. I learn by doing and because of that my high school years were a waste of time. I didn’t get too good grades, and I would have been better off if I had gone to vocational school and actually had an occupation after all those years. I had a lot fun though and great memories.

#6: A few boys

I met a few boys before I met my husband. There are some I could have let pass by, but I didn’t. I don’t regret any of them, but looking back, I realize I didn’t need to have met them all.

#5: “Me of the week” picture I posted last Sunday

It’s an awful picture! I look dashing in it as always, it’s just the overall picture that is awful. Don’t go look at it if you haven’t seen it.

#4: Reapplying for university

I once wanted to be an English teacher. I applied for the university to read English philology, but didn’t get in. I was sooooo not good enough, but every now and then I think maybe I could still do it. Someone inside of me might still want to be an English teacher, although that same person would get really frustrated with students who wouldn’t learn fast enough.

#3: Living abroad

I thought about moving abroad after I finished my year as an au pair in England, but I never actually did it. As a young single girl it would have been easy to just go and experience things, but being the procrastinator that I am, I never got around to it. But if I had done it, there’s a chance I never would have met my husband or some of the good friends I now have, so I definitely don’t regret it, but I sure wish I had done it.

#2: Playing Farmville and Cityville

Facebook has these games I was once a little addicted to, but to my defense, so were many of my friends. Right now I just feel that I wasted so many hours ploughing, planting and harvesting non-existent crops and I’ll never get those hours back.

#1: Admitting I use to play Farmille and Cityville

Yeah, this might be the only thing I actually do regret! Ever playing them and admitting I did.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



7 thoughts on “Top 7 – Regrets

        1. Hehe.. That’s what my mom keeps nagging about.. How she hasn’t got enough neighbors and no one ever sends her stuff. 🙂

          I could ask her to like your Facebook fan page, so you could find her and maybe you two could become the best Farmville neighbor friends ever. 😀

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