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My real name is…

EDIT Sep. 14. 2015. – This post might seem confusing to anyone who hasn’t been reading this blog from the very beginning. When I started this blog I signed off as Keri, but about two years ago I decided to start using my real name and I wrote this post to explain that. END EDIT

My real name isn’t Keri. Keri is a nickname I came up with in my early twenties when I was active on different fan forums of my favorite bands. I thought I was extremely witty when I created it. I simply removed two letters from the front of my actual name and voila!, my nickname, Keri, was born.

When I started this blog I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog with my real name and thought I would probably be more comfortable using my nickname. I have grown very fond of my nickname over the years and it’s almost as much part of me as my real name. My real name isn’t very easy to say when speaking English, or any other language other than Finnish, which is the biggest reason I decided to use my alias instead.

I have never really tried to hide my actual name and I’m pretty sure it’s fairly easy to find out through the Internet, for example if you know me through Goodreads you know my real name for sure. I like my name a lot, so there’s absolutely no reason why I would hide it.

I have been thinking about coming out with my real name on this blog too lately and because yesterday’s daily prompt asked me to write about the meaning of my name, I thought this would be the perfect time to do it.

My name is Inkeri and it’s pronounced exactly as it’s written. It originates from Swedish name Inger, which again comes from the name Ingrid, (even older version would be Ingifridh). Ing stands for Ing-god or beautiful. As I mentioned, I really like my name though I hated it when I was a kid, because it’s an old-lady name. I’ve learned to appreaciate the name over the years for it’s an extremely rare name nowadays and I like being one of a kind.

I’m not sure why my parents chose this name for me, but I know that at least my mom thought it was beautiful. My name was actually changed last minute. Inkeri was first supposed to be my second name, but my mom wanted to change it to be my first name. I’ve thanked my mom about that because otherwise I would have been Soila. It’s a pretty name too, but I think I look more like Inkeri and that’s who I am.

So… Hi! I’m Inkeri. I’m very pleased to meet you all!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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