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Top 7 – My mom

Top 7

My mom is the best and I love her to bits. She has many qualities I share, (I bet I inherited the from her), but there are some qualities she has that I wish I had too. This post is entirely inspired by one of the prompts on Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week.

As I’m quite amazing already, it was sort of difficult to think of seven qualities my mom has but I don’t. I might alrady have most of these qualities myself, but I think my mom is probably a better person than I am, (as if that’s even possible, because I’m quite good). This is what I came up with.

#7: Cooking skills

My mom couldn’t cook much until she met my dad. After that she’s gotten a lot better and she makes the most delicous food. I wish I could cook as well as she does, but I quess the ability comes with experience. Though I would be brave enough to claim that I’m better when it comes to steaks and roasts; My mom tends to over-cook them and they end up dry. Anything else she does is the most delicious that I’ve ever eaten.

#6: Ability to ask for help

My mom has always had the ability to ask for help when she knows she doesn’t know how to do something. Usually these situations involve something being wrong with her computer and it’s usually me who she asks for help. Even when they got a totally new operating system at work, she was maybe the only one of the “older” colleagues who wasn’t afraid to learn how to use it. She may have asked a thousand times “how?”, but she eventually understood and felt proud of herself for doing it. I was pretty proud of her as well.

This goes for any other area too. If she doesn’t know where to go, she asks. I’m usually stubborn enough to try my hardest to find places or how to do things, and I usually end up lost, but found, or doing something wrong, but learning from it. My mom just asks and that’s great!

#5: Sense of humour

My mum is funny and she thinks so too. I wish that when I get older I wouldn’t lose my sense of humour so that I’d still find the jokes young people make funny. My mom’s sense of humour is pretty fresh.

#4: Cleanliness

My mom doesn’t really leave stuff lying around, unlike me. I tend to just leave things where they don’t belong, which of course eventually creates a mess. I wish I didn’t do that because I don’t really enjoy cleaning. My mom’s home is generally always clean.

#3: Being genuinely happy for others

My mom is always happy for other people and she always praises others for accomplishing things, and when she does, she’s the most genuine person I can think of. I think she doesn’t even knows what jealousy is.

#2: Kindness

My mom is the kindest person I know. If anyone could be kinder than her, then that’s me. She hates talking behind other people’s back, which is why she never does it, (except to say how much she dislikes when him or her does it). If someone makes the mistake of taking behind someone’s back to her, she just simply announces that she’s not doing it. If that pesron has something bad to say about others, she doesn’t want to hear about it.

#1: Unconditional love

She loves me, my sister and perhaps everyone she knows unconditionally. She would get me the moon from the sky if I wanted her to, but that’s just because I’m her daughter. Though I’m pretty sure she would do it for couple of her best friends too. And my sister of course. She has a big heart and I hope she knows it!

What qualities would you like to have from your mom?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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