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Writer’s Workshop – Wasted summer

Summer is virtually gone and I didn’t accomplish anything. Yep, that’s a lie; I enjoyed the summer more than any summer before, I swam a lot and did all sorts of small things. Somehow I still feel like I didn’t do much.

The Prompts:

1.) Somebody you’d like to hug.
2.) What did not get accomplished this summer that you wish you had time for?
3.) Write a post that incorporates the word: balloon
4.) Something your grandfather told you.
5.) List 7 qualities your mother has that you wish you had too.

2.) What did not get accomplished this summer that you wish you had time for?

Even though the summer is over, my summer has only just begun. My summer vacation started last Monday and I have three and half weeks to do whatever I want without having to go to work. This is probably why it feels like I haven’t done anything all summer; I haven’t had  my summer yet.

There is pretty much only one thing I wish I had done more during the summer – to read. I’m trying to complete the 50/50 challenge this year, and I’ve already finished the movies, but I’m so much behind with my reading that I doubt I’ll be able to finish it. At least I should have some spare time now on my vacation to read, so maybe I’ll catch up!

My problem with reading is that as much as I love it, I need to be in the right mood. I suffer from severe reading-mood-swings and I’m obviously going through the off-phase right now. However, when I’m going through the hyper-phase, I can easily read one or two books in a week, if their not thousands of pages long. Even if I did go crazy over reading right now, I would still have a hard time to finish 39 books in four months. Not impossible, but hard.

Do you read? What’s your favorite book?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

EDIT: I did the last prompt as well. Read what qualities I wish I had from my mom on Top 7 – My Mom.


13 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Wasted summer

  1. I know what you mean about the reading mood swing. I was reading this one book “You Had Me at Woof,” like crazy and then boom! I haven’t touched it in ages and it was pretty good, too!

    1. I know! I spend much more time reading blogs and writing blogs than I did last year. I also spend perhaps too much time watching videos on YouTube. Happy medium would be great to find. (If only I didn’t have to work…)

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