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Top 7 – What to blog about today

Top 7There are days when I can’t think of anything interesting to say, but I should, because I’m taking my “blog every day for a year” challenge really seriously. Since I don’t blog about anything specific I could write about nearly anything, but it’s not always that simple.

I’m sure I’m not alone with this problem. In fact I know I’m not alone, because there are hundreds of bloggers who complain about the same thing. Luckily the internet contains hundreds of useful websites that can help you overcome your blogger’s block. The lovely staff at even did a post with a few tips and trick just very recently, You (Almost) Never Have Nothing to Write About: 4.5 Steps to Busting Bloggers’ Block.

Here are seven tips of mine that work for me to overcome my personal blogging issues. Maybe they might help you as well.

#7: Ask friends and family

I usually ask my sister for ideas for this top seven list I make every Friday. She has had some good ideas and I think I’ve used most of them.

I also tend to ask my husband for ideas on any other days. Usually I’ve been sitting on my computer for hours trying to think of something clever and the moment I’m getting just almost too tired, I cry out to him for help. He comes up with the stupidest ideas and I hardly never use them. He’s a smart man though, I wonder why he wants me to write about all the stupid things…

#6: Stumble Upon is an addiction, though a very helpful one. It’s basically a site where you can surf random websites by clicking “stumble”. I must admit, I don’t necessarily get ideas for full posts from there, but most of the websites and fun bits I share on Sunday’s in my Weekly Wrap Up‘s “Stumble of the week” section come from there.

#5: Blog hops

Blog hops or link ups are hosted by some of our fellow bloggers on their blogs. There are different kinds, and every blog hop host has their own rules, but the basic thing in common with them all is that you leave a link to your blog to a list of other blogs. Confused yet? I’m not very good at explaining things…

I take part in a blog hop every Thursday on Mama Kat’s pretty much world famous Writer’s Workshop. It is hosted my Mama Kat, (Kathy – a mother of three), and she gives you five prompts for you to choose from and  to write about. After you’ve written your blog you just go ahead and add the link to your post at the end of the list.

I do it because of the prompts! The plus side is that it also gives me new views and possibly new followers. Through blog hops you find not only ideas but other blogs and bloggers to fall in love with, while getting more traffic to your own site as well. Extremely handy, I think!

Just google “blog hops” to find the one for you!

#4: Prompts for the Promptless

This is actually another blog hop sort of thing and though I’ve taken part in it only once, I know it’s a great one. Rarasaur and Grayson Queen are married and they hos this weekly prompt on their blog. It was Rarasaur who started it on her own blog, but not that long ago they moved it over to their co-hosted blog, Queen Creative. Both of them have their own individual blogs as well, (you may have heard me mention Rarasaur before, I’m totally fangirling her).

The prompts they come up with are like high-end products and I love reading them and posts other bloggers link up. The latest prompt is titled L’appel du vide. Due to the sophisticated nature of the prompts, I’ve found myself at a loss for words when looking at them. This doesn’t really help me too much to come up with things to write, but it might help you!

#3: Daily Prompt

Hosted by the daily post @, they give you something to write about every day. Very nice for an every day blogger like me. When I first decided to blog every day for a year, I used these daily prompts like an addict. I have however evolved and been able to come up with more and more original ideas in my head. But still, there are days I go back to the roots and check if they could possibly plant an idea in me.

I’ve also found their weekly writing challenge very helpful at times.

#2: 101 Things in 1001 Days

I made this list of 101 things to do over the next 1001 days shortly after I started this year long process of daily blogging. I was actually, very surprisingly, surfing the internet for ideas to blog about when I came across the site called dayzeroproject. Tons of people had made themselves a list of things they want to do in life and I wanted in on it. My initial thought was “Oh boy, 101 topics to blog about! This makes it so much easier”. and it has.

Make a list for yourself and blog about it!

#1: This list of 100 blog topics this dude hopes that I write

I got the idea for this list from this dude, Chris Brogan, on his blog. I found his list named 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write  almost a year ago by googling the simple words “what to blog about today”. Not all of the topics suit for my blog, but most of them a very much usable, for inspiration at least if not for an actual post.

What sort of trick do you use when You’ve lost all inspiration and your readers are waiting for you to write something?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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