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Arguing about cleaning

We don’t fight or argue much with my husband. I think it’s a good thing. I don’t like arguing and my husband likes that even less. Though sometimes I think a little argument between couples could do some good too, clear the air a little. I’m still very fine with my fightless marriage.

The times we do argue over something, we disagree on our cleaning schedule. The truth is there isn’t an exact schedule and cleaning is neither of our’s favorite chore. We distribute all the household chores pretty evenly, but cleaning is something both of us are sure the other one does less and that’s why it’s always the other one’s turn.

My husband has made it very clear that he thinks he cleans around the house more than I do. I strongly disagree and I know that I’m right, and at least I do it more thoroughly than him. He never wipes the dust off the shelves, He never washes the floor. He doesn’t put all the things he picks up off the floor to their own places, instead he leaves them on the nearest table or other suitable surface.

We actually had an argument about this today. He found one of my Kylie Minogue CDs in our Playstation 3 player and was wondering what the heck it was. I told him I’ve listened to it whenever I’ve done the cleaning. He just rolled his eyes and looked at me in a questionable manner saying “cleaning, you say”. I lost my marbles and something exploded inside of me.

I was really pissed off that just because neither of us hadn’t had the energy to get the hoover out for the last two weeks, he assumed it was me who was supposed to have had the energy even though we both know it was me who did all the cleaning the last time, though I didn’t do the hoovering, but I left it undone just because I had been scrubbing the house from floor to ceiling in the morning before I went to work on the evening shift and I ran out of time. I would have been glad to have done the hoovering, but my boss sort of wanted me to get to work at a certain time. And I even did all the cleaning for him and his friends who were supposed to come over, but cancelled because someone got sick.

This argument was very short-lived. He tried to hug me and make it all right, but I ran crying to the bedroom shouting “I don’t want to be loved right now, I just want to wallow in my misery!”. (Yes, I admit, I do have some characteristics of a drama queen). After about five minutes he sneaked into the bedroom and apologised saying he wouldn’t want to talk about it anymore and hoping I would come to the living room to watch some Star Wars with him.

I accepted the apology in a heartbeat and everything was OK again. We’re in love and arguing is just stupid.

Who does the cleaning in your household? Do you share your chores with your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/roommate? Do you ever argue about it? Why is cleaning so unpleasant?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


2 thoughts on “Arguing about cleaning

  1. As soon as I have enough monthly money, I will hire cleaning person. I just hate it. And my roommate cleans a lot more than I do. And I always feel guilty about it.

    1. Cleaning person would be awesome, though I would probably care how clean my home is before she/he would get here and I would do some cleaning beforehand anyway. I’m weird. 🙂

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