Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Never again!

Top 7There are many things I haven’t done yet that I would be willing to do. I have however done some things I have no desire of doing again. This is a list of those things I’d rather not do ever again.

#7: Watch Amour

Amour was one of nominees for an Oscar for best picture last year. It was an amazing movie and definitely worth watching. The issues the movie deals with are just too deep and emotionally draining that I’d rather not see it again, never!

#6: Rollerblading

I bought myself a pair of brad new rollerblades when I was 16 or 17. They were my first ever really expensive purchase I made with money I had earned myself. I used them perhaps about twenty times and ever since they’ve been lying around somewhere. It was not my thing and I have no urge to go rollerblading ever again.

#5: Do gymnastics

Gymnastics was a compulsory thing at school when I was a kid and I hated it. I wasn’t any good doing somersaults and that sort of things. I’m just glad no one can force me to even try gymnastics anymore. Being a grown up is great.

Even this seems to be too hard.

#4: Watch a horror movie in a movie theater

I don’t handle horror movies very well. If I ever decide to watch one, it has to happen during broad daylight preferably in company. I extremely fidgety and loud when watching horror and that combination is not good in a movie theater with other people there as well. I think of the other people, who might not want my scaredy bum shaking next to them in the theater.

#3: Dye my hair black with purple extensions

I dyed my hair black a long time ago and got a few purple extensions put in as well. I loved that hairstyle! As expected, a day came around when I got bored with the black hair. Getting the colour out was a long process and it also ruined my hair a lot. I had really healthy and vibrant hair before, but after all the bleaching to get the black out, my hair was dry and bland for a long time.

#2: Eat oysters

Oysters isn’t food. It’s just slime. Or phlegm. I don’t know.. Didn’t like them and will never eat them again!


#1: Go snowboarding

I tried snowboarding once for about twenty minutes. I went up the hill twice and came down twice as well, though most of the coming down happened on my butt. Snowboarding wasn’t for me. It just made frustrated and a bit angry. Not going to do that again!

Have you ever done something you know you won’t be doing again? Maybe went to a place that wasn’t for you?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


4 thoughts on “Top 7 – Never again!

  1. Oysters…ewww! I can’t even look at them so I’m impressed that you actually tried them. I will not Rollerblade again and I will never drink too much again.

    1. I always say I will never drink too much again, but I have a feeling I probably will and after that I will say it again. I was surprised to find myself even trying oysters, but I was almost forced by a co-worker to buy them some time ago. They weren’t too expensive and I thought I’d be happy to say that at least I’ve tried them. 🙂 I do not recommend them to anyone!

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