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Writer’s Workshop – More best friends

A year to this same weekday I wrote about my best friends. In that post I share three really short stories of how I met three of my best friends. I have quite a lot of friends, but not too many best friends. Today I’ll share a couple more stories of How I met my best friend.

The Prompts:

1.) 10 Things to Smile About (inspired by Things I Can’t Say)
2.) Tell us about a time you wanted to punch someone in the face.
3.) What were you blogging about last year at this time? What has changed?
4.) Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo.
5.) Bake something yummy and share the recipe!

3.) What were you blogging about last year at this time? What has changed?

I was blogging about mu best friends a year ago. Not much have changed. They’re still my best friends, but so are these two, who I’ll be talking about today. They were my best friends already a year ago, but for some reason I didn’t include them in the post. Now I’m gonna make it right and give them the spotlight they deserve.

I love you guys!


I met her about 9 years ago. One of best friends, (Satu, who I mention in the original post), had introduced me to a new band and we had been going to their concerts pretty frequently the whole summer. Satu had sort of introduced me to this whole new world of music and gigs. I had met Milla somewhere along the way hanging around in our group of people, but we hadn’t really gotten to know each other. I was still sort of shy around that time and I wasn’t really good at getting to people.

The time we actually bonded with Milla, would be, to me, the time I actually met her. We met at a venue where we were enjoying a concert of one our favorite bands. We got talking more than ever before at this concert and we soon found out that we live in the same city and that’s like we were meant to be. It was Milla’s 18th birthday and she was celebrating it really hard. (A quick fact; 18 is the legal drinking age in Finland.) She didn’t feel too good by the end of the night and lucky for her we shared the same train home. I think it was that train ride that did the trick. Even though we slept through most of the ride home, we still had some time to talk and become friends

Somewhere along the way we found out that our grandfathers were best friends and went to war together. That was when we realised we should totally be best friends too.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney are best friends too.

This girl is my newest best friend. We’ve known each other for just over two years, though it feels like I’ve known her forever. We work together and that’s how we actually met. It was almost the end of May and we’d had a hard day at work. It was one of the first sunny days of the summer. I swung by to buy a stamp or something from her and she casually suggested that we should have a pint or two at the pub nearby when she got off. She got off after ten minutes and off we went.

We had an amazing time! We soon realised we were really meant to be friends. I liked her and she liked me, what more do you need. I’ve probably never had so much to talk about with an almost stranger. We really didn’t know much more than each other’s names and marital status before that day, but that day changed everything!

Since then we’ve gotten really close and we’ve made a tradition to go for a pint around the end of May every year. I absolutely love this woman! She’s crazy and obscene and I don’t want to live without her as my friend. She’s he best.

Amy Phoeler and Tina Fey are best friends as well.

Who is your best friend? How and when did you meet?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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