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Wednesday Review – Hard Rock Cafe

Wednesday ReviewI’ve become some sort of a Hard Rock Cafe enthusiast over the years. I visited Hard Rock Cafe the shop in London for the first time when I was 15 years old. That’s when I bought my first ever Hard Rock Cafe classic white T-shirt, which awoke the collector in me. I have a T-shirt from five different cities; London (I’ve got two from there), Berlin, Edinburgh, Gothenburg and Helsinki. It ain’t many, but I’m happy with my collection so far.

I didn’t, however, visit Hard Rock Cafe the restaurant until 12 years later in Berlin. Since then I’ve eaten in their restaurants in London and in Helsinki. I’ve actually dined in the restaurant in Helsinki four times now, which makes me pretty qualified to review the food they serve in their restaurants. Am I right?

Me at the Hard Rock Cafe in London a year ago
Me at the Hard Rock Cafe in London a year ago

The Food

The food has been good in every restaurant I’ve been to. I’ve chosen one of the classic hamburgers almost every time until very recently in Helsinki; I’ve developed a habit of choosing one of the delicious pulled pork sandwiches with different fillings. I must say they are my favorites at the moment. The pulled pork is perfect (at least in Helsinki) and if you ever have trouble choosing what to eat, struggle no more! Choose a pulled pork sandwich! The hamburgers aren’t bad either, but next to the pulled pork they’re a little lame.

As far as starters go, I’ve come to the solution of being better off without a starter. The main dishes are quite filling and the one time in London we had the nacho plate for starters with the husband, neither of us could finish our main dish. If you’re out with a group of friends, it might be a good idea to split the nacho plate, or just choose something smaller.

The first I ever ate in the restaurant in Helsinki I wanted to choose a healthier option and went for a salad. I chose the Cobb salad, which was delicious, tasty and big enough for two. It probably wasn’t one of the healthiest salads, but it did taste good!

The Service

I fell in with their service in London last year. Our waiter was Jaime, (I think), and he was a hoot! The restaurant was really busy, but he had such a good time that it stuck on me too. He was having fun with his colleagues while serving us and others and doing it perfectly as well. He made our Hard Rock Cafe experience very much worth it.

Every Hard Rock Cafe restaurant I’ve been to the waiters do the same. They chat you up, ask how you’re doing, where you’re from and all that… They check if everything’s OK with you and the food several times just to make sure you’ve got everything you need and that you’re still in a great mood.

I don’t know if this is the norm in every restaurant outside Finland, but I’ve never been into one where waiters are almost your friends the moment you step in. I like that and because of that I will continue going back to any of the Hard Rock Cafe restaurants.

The Atmosphere

It’s Rock’n’Roll baby! That’s the atmosphere. The music is good, the interior is awesome and the waiter’s are the best. The atmosphere couldn’t get any better. Everyone in the staff smiles all the time and none of them has ever been uptight in any way when I’ve been looking. No restaurant I’ve been to has reached the same.

There’s just something different in the atmosphere in a Rock restaurant I guess. Or maybe it’s the margaritas, which are amazing of course…

Having a margarita in Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki
Having a margarita in Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki a few weeks ago.

Hard Rock Cafe is my favorite place to be and I give it five thumbs up!

Five Thumbs

What’s the best restaurant you’ve ever been to? Is there a restaurant you definitely want to experience? Which restaurant should I definitely visit in your home town?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



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