Just life

My day

I’ve had the busiest of days today and I’ve gave it my all, and now I’m absolutely knackered.

I had some relatives visiting Helsinki from Sweden today. My cousin, Matti, was one of the relatives who came over to visit for a couple of hours and he had his lovely wife, Yvonne, with him. They got married about two years ago, but I had never met her before, and I was really happy that I finally did.

Yvonne is originally from California, and this was her first time in Finland. She was really excited for the visit and wanted to see some of the tourist attractions and most popular sights. Matti has naturally been to Finland before, but according to him it has been more than 12 years since his last visit, so he didn’t really know the city either. I was happy to serve as their tour guide and showed them around the city. The rest of their travel buddies were quite happy roaming the city on their own.

Just to clarify for the readers who are not from around here; there are two cruise lines that arrange cruises from Helsinki to Stockholm, and from Stockholm to Helsinki. The cruise ship travels during the night and in the morning you have a chance to visit the city for about seven hours before the ship heads back. These cruises are popular and Finnish people visit Stockholm more often than you would think, and vice versa. You end up staying two nights on board and one day in the city (Helsinki or Stockholm).

The city was really packed with people. There were hundreds of football fans in town to see Arsenal and Manchester City play against each other in a pre-season match in Helsinki’s Olympic stadium. Too bad I had forgotten my camera home and couldn’t take any pictures of my day.

After my cousin and his wife, with the rest of their gang, headed back to the ship and traveled back home, I met my husband in the city and he took me out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Helsinki. We had a great time and the food was delicous. I feel like the Hard Rock Cafe has become the only place I ever go out to eat anymore; I think this was the fourth time in a row I ate there when eating out, every time in different company though.

By the time we headed to our car I realized how poorly I had chosen my shoes for the day. My feet were aching and I could feel some nasty blisters trying to sneak on my toes and heels. My ankles were slowly dying and wanting to give up. I had been roaming around the city for about ten hours hardly sitting down even once. I was beat!

I had a great day though I’m absolutely exhausted right now. I’m glad I don’t have work tomorrow and I can sleep as late as I want.

How was your day?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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