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Top 7 – Summer house things

Top 7I spent last weekend at the summer cottage owned, (and built), by my in-laws. They have the loveliest summer house on a small isle on the south-western archipelago of Finland. I love spending time there just sitting at the end of the pier and watching the sea.

Besides the sea, there are other things to enjoy as well. This is a list of things I enjoyed seeing last weekend.

#7: A big hairy bumblebee

I saw this huge hairy bumblebee just flying around from flower to flower and, after I almost gave up, my camera finally focused on the thing. I also caught a glimpse of two hoverflies mating. I left the to do their business in peace after taking a picture of them of course.


#6: Fish

My handy-dandy husband did some fishing and he even caught one. It was a delicious perch. We grilled it and ate it after a quick dip in the sea. I got sort of excited about it and immediately posted a picture of it on my instagram.

My husband provides me with food. Aren't I lucky or what!

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#5: Fast boats

There’s this event called Poker Run that has really fast boats navigating through a certain route. There are five checkpoints on the route and each boat gets a playing card from each checkpoint. The boat that has the best poker-hand wins a prize.

We’ve been to see the event before and the boats are cool to watch. They’re really fast. This year one of the checkpoints was really close to the summer house, and naturally we went to see the boats again this year.

#4: An old tractor

This old tractor had been left behind by a trail in the woods. My mother-in law told me that a 12-year-old boy from one of the summer houses nearby had fixed it all by himself. Unfortunately it had run out of petrol and was now stuck by the woods on isle. I thought it was pretty darn cute thing.

Old tractor

#3: Fresh tomatoes

My in-laws have a greenhouse on their lot and they grow all kinds of delicious things in there. There are green beans, different sorts of salads, many herbs, and two kinds of tomatoes; cherry and plum. All of them are very organic of course. And delicious!


#2: Swimming, sauna and the sun

My favorite things to do whenever we’re visiting this place. This is the view I see from the sauna’s terrace. This year the water was the clearest I’ve ever seen it. The water was warmed by the bright sun and swimming in it was wonderful.

My view

#1: Cows, quails and lambs

My in-laws are perhaps a bit over-the-top sort of people. They have three cows on the isle. The cows roam pretty freely on a huge fenced area on an old field in the middle of the woods.


The in-laws have had about 10 quails for about two or three years now. They always take them home for winter, but they practically live at the summer house during the summer.

QuailMy in-laws also have lambs roaming around on another isle nearby. There are about 15 of them I think, and they are co-owned by some of their summer house neighbors. We didn’t get to see the lambs this time, so I have no picture of them.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



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