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Top 7 – Phobias

Top 7Whenever I’m asked what I’m afraid of, I usually state very proudly that I’m not afraid of anything. This is not entirely true of course, everybody’s afraid of something, but I’m not really scared of anything. I mean I don’t have any specific heart-stopping-I-can’t-handle-this sort of phobias.

These are some of the things I am just a little afraid of.

Disclaimer: No snakes in this post. ;)

#7: Heights

I’m not exactly afraid of heights, I’m more afraid of falling down from heights. Maybe that’s what everyone who’s afraid of heights is actually afraid of. 🙂 I don’t mind being on high places and looking down as long as there’s a sturdy railing or the spot is some oher way very safe. I wouldn’t mind trying out bungee jumbing or skydiving, but you couldn’t get me to go tightrope walking even if you paid me millions and convinced me there would be a safety net. No way!

#6: Spiders and moths

I think I more dislike spiders and moths than am afraid of, but if I see one of those gross long-legged spiders on the roof above my bed before bedtime, I swear I won’t sleep until my cats have gotten rid of it. Same thing with moths. They’re unpredictable in their ways and I hate them.

#5: Deep waters

I realized this fear just some weeks ago when we went swimming with the husband this summer. I’m totally OK with water and I love swimming, I always have; when I was younger my parents had to drag me kicking and screaming out of the pool whenever it was time to go home.

We were swimming in a nearby lake that has an amazing beach. The only problem is that the water deepens very suddenly, and if you swim even just a bit too far, your feet won’t touch the ground anymore. I’m not sure if I’ve been afraid of deep water before, but now I know I definitely am. I do think it only counts for natural waters and hopefully I won’t have this problem in any pools.

Now that think really think about it, I’m not too excited to consider scuba diving ever. Maybe I really have a problem with deep waters.

#4: Finnish reggae music in public places

There are a couple of Finnish reggae musicians who are fairly popular in Finland. I don’t like any of them. In fact I hate all of them. I have nothing against reggae music, it’s just the Finnish version of the genre that isn’t particularly good.

Stores usually play some sort of music whenever they’re open. I’m sure this happens all over the world. I have developed a fear of these stores playing these Finnish reggae artists’ music when I’m in the store. This actually happened to me on Tuesday and I couldn’t get away. The moment I heard the tunes and recognized it I wished I wasn’t there and just wanted to cover my ears. It was horrible.

If I hear these artists on radio at home or in a car, I can always just change the station, but I can’t change the music in public places. That scares the hell out of me.

#3: Popping balloons

Balloons are fun, but the sound they make when they break and pop is horrible. I’m so afraid of balloons popping that I try my hardest to never having to inflate them myself. And when it’s time to get rid of them I’d rather just wait for the to wither away or have somebody else there to pop them when I’m not around.

#2: Ants

I was traumatized as kid by a gang of angry ants in the woods and now whenever I see an ant I want to flee and never return. This is a problem, because sometimes there could be a few sugar ants, they’re not supposed to be scary or do any harm, around the house, but I’m actually sort of afraid of them too. Ants are just horrible.

They’re pretty ugly as well, but I guess that’s not their fault.

#1: Loneliness

It’s not that I’m afraid of being alone on my own with my thoughts. I actually enjoy having some alone time on a regular basis. What I’m really afraid of is being alone for the rest of my life. I’m afraid I would somehow end up losing all of my family members and/or my friends would not be there someday. I don’t want to end up old and alone. This is the only thing I’m really afraid of and it’s the biggest fear I’ve got.

What are you afraid of?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri




One thought on “Top 7 – Phobias

  1. I don’t like spiders…not at all…not even a tiny bit even though I know they are good for our gardens. I don’t like deep water, either. Never learned to swim because I can’t get myself to go into water past my knees. Popping balloons and other sudden loud noises don’t scare me as much as they make me mad! I don’t know why, but when a balloon pops I get the sudden urge to smack someone around.

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