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Writer’s Workshop – My dad cussed

My dad is a very calm and kind man. He never loses his temper and doesn’t cuss around kids. This post takes you back to a time when my dad did lose his temper and even cussed a little.

The Prompts from Mama Kats:

1.) Your morning drive. (inspired by OKRoserock)
2.) 9 pictures. 9 words. (inspired by Bits of Bee)
3.) A time somebody got stuck. (inspired by Toulouse Confessions)
4.) The first time you ever heard your parent cuss. (inspired by Crossroads of the Heart)
5.) A quote you saw on Pinterest that inspired you.

 4.) The first time you ever heard your parent cuss.

It may have not been the first time I heard one of my parents cuss. I think I’ve hardly ever heard neither of them cuss. They just don’t cuss, they’re good parents. Anyway, first time or not, this is the story.

Me and my sister were going somewhere with our dad by car. My memory is poor, which means I can’t remember where we were going or how old we were. We were bickering about something, maybe about a radio station or over a toy or something. Sisters bicker a lot and that’s normal.

The bickering had gone on for a quite a long while, and our dad was driving the car minding his own business, (remember that our dad is the kindest and calmest person ever). But as our argument seemed to have no end at some point our dad lost it. He raised his voice and told us to quit it spitting the words out and cussing angrily.

I swear you could have cut through the silence with a knife.

I have never been so scared of my dad in my life, partly because that’s pretty much the only time he ever raised his voice at me. There might have been a couple more times, but I swear there ain’t more than ten times this has happened. We were pretty damn quiet after that and the bickering stopped there.

Now I feel like I should probably call my dad and tell him I love him.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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