Slim Down Project

Health Month – I feel good

Health monthI’ve been lazy and I’ve been sick this month. I have hardly exercised and I’m sort of bummed about that, but weight is going down.

This is a thing that frustrates me a little. I exercise, because I know it’s healthy, but I feel bad because my weight doesn’t go down. Then again when I don’t exercise and I feel lousy about it, but my weight finally goes down, this makes me feel confused. It makes me think I should probably stop exercising all together.

I’m not gonna stop. I know exercise is good in the long run. I get firmer results when I exercise and hopefully I won’t have to suffer from icky loose skin problems.

The main reason why I feel good today is part my success in weight loss – I’ve lost ten kilos during the past ten months – part the fact that I’m not sick anymore, like I was last week.

Life is good again!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri




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