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Top 7 – Back to school

Top 7


It’s been over ten years since I graduated from school, but sometimes I think about if I would have done something differently if I went to school now. Would I study harder? Would I pay more attention in classes? Would I have some other favorite subject?

Inspired by the daily prompt today I’ve gathered up a list of subjects I think I would look at from a different point of view.

#7: P.E.

I always hated P.E. at school, because I was slightly overweight and not really good at any sport. If I had had any advise from an older version of me, she would have told me to quit whining and just enjoy it. Exercise is never bad for you, too bad the teenage me didn’t know better.

#6: Mathematics

Another greatly hated subject. I’m sure everyone at some point in their life have said “I’ll never need this information in my life!”, I did too, only to later realize I do need quite lot of that information in my life. It would have been smart to study math a little harder.

#5: History

This was a subject I wasn’t too interested in. I’ve however developed an interest some time during the past eight years when I’ve been seeing my husband. He’s really into history and he wants to watch all sorts of history documents on TV. If I went to school now I would look at history with a different mind.

#4: Psychology

I was sort of interested in psychology at school, but I think our teacher wasn’t as good as I had hoped for. Psychology is definitely a subject I would find very interesting today.

#3: Handiwork

I like to think I’ve always been good with all different kind of needlework; crocheting, knitting and all that. It’s sewing I would like to know better. I think I’m an OK sewer as I am, but I could be so much better if I had paid more attention in class when I had the chance to.

#2: Literature

I’m really into books and I love reading. I was like this already when I was younger and I think that’s just an awesome thing. Even though I believe the more you read the better you write, I still think I could use some writing lessons. I think I could be a lot better writer if I went back to school again.

#1: Foreign languages

I wish I could speak all the languages in the world, but I can only handle Finnish, Swedish and English, and a little bit German. I had the chance to learn either Spanish of French at school, but I decided not to. If I could choose again, I would at least try to learn a little French.

What was your favorite subject at school? What subject would you like to study again? What subject did you hate? Would you like that subject if you went back to school now?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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