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Writer’s Workshop – Camping didn’t go as planned

Summer has become my favorite season somewhere along the years. Mostly because I get four weeks off from work and usually have a chance to travel somewhere I’ve never been before. One summer me and my husband (fiance back then) decided to get a tent and travel around Finland. We thought it would be great to see all the bits and pieces of our home country as well.

The Prompts:

1.) Book review! What are you reading this summer?
2.) That one time you went camping.
3.) Capture a conversation you had with someone that made you laugh.
4.) List your top 6 favorite summer moments so far.
5.) Write a post inspired by the word: Coffee

2.) That one time you went camping.

We had bought a brand new tent, sleeping bags, travel cooker and everything we would possibly need during our trip. We had planned to be gone for two weeks and we had packed accordingly. We were really excited!

We took off on a Monday. The morning was sunny as we headed to my hometown, Turku. We got to the camping site and set up our tent and enjoyed ourselves a little. We saw some main sights and I showed some places where I used to hang around a lot. We bought something easy to cook in camp and headed back to our tent.

We made dinner and ate it too. We had a great time and our summer couldn’t have been better. Until the night came.

It started to rain. It rained a lot through the night, but we suffered just a little damage. Basically the only thing that was wet was the tent, and that was good. But the rain didn’t stop.

We soon realised we are no campers or nature people.

We visited our mom and while we were there waiting for the rain to pass, we became rather desperate. It seemed as if the rain was making fun of us now. It just wouldn’t stop and we didn’t want to spend another night in a wet tent. So we booked a hotel.

Yes, we booked a hotel. We totally gave up and went to a hotel, but that was the best decision we ever made. We got our tent dried in the bathroom and we slept good in a soft and warm bed. We also had a chance to reevaluate where we wanted this vacation to go and decided we would try all in our might not to set up that tent again if rain was in the forecast.

Sadly rain was in the forecast for the entire week. By the end of the week we had visited some of my family and some of his, and the rain followed us wherever we went.  By the nd of the week we were so fed up with the rain that we just decided to go home and not go camping anytime soon again!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Camping didn’t go as planned

    1. You could be right, maybe there is a reason why you haven’t given camping a try, but you can’t know for sure until you try. Just make sure it doesn’t rain. Rain can really ruin everything. 🙂

  1. Awww, sorry to hear that your camping trip didn’t go so well. Do you still have your gear? Any thoughts of trying it again? Maybe for just a weekend? I have gone tent camping one night but I am thinking of trying it again. 🙂

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