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Health Month – Fever is a mean B****

Health monthI’m sick. I’ve had a pretty high fever all day and I’ve been sleeping most of the day. Sleep really is the best medicine though, for my fever has finally decreased a bit.

I was really lazy last week and I made a firm decision yesterday to get as much exercise as possible done this week. I was pumped for tomorrow when I went to sleep last night, but life had something else planned for me until the morning came. I woke up with a sore throat and a few hours in my work day I had developed a fever. So, here I am, saying goodbye to healthy exercise routines for this week.

Hopefully this illness will pass as fast as it came, because I hate it!

How are you doing? Have you stayed healthy? How’s the exercise and other healthy life decisions going?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



One thought on “Health Month – Fever is a mean B****

  1. So sorry you are sick! I hope you are better tomorrow. My week started out busy…shopping and lawn mowing. Nothing exciting, but I do like being busy, so it works.

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