Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up – 29/2013

SONY DSCWelcome to my Weekly Wrap Up. The wrap up consists of five different parts. The first part is called Dear Diary, where I’ll write a short description of my week. The second part, Me of the Week, will be a picture of me taken during this week. Third part, News of the Week is a smaller version of the Sunday News. Stumble of the Week, the fourth part, is something I’ve stumbled on in the Internet that I find interesting. In the last part, Gratitude of the Week, I’ll list all the things I’m grateful for this week.

Dear Diary

I’ve been lazy this week, but I guess everyone needs those lazy weeks every now and then. I have a feeling I’ll be more productive next week.

Me of the Week

Me this week

News of the Week

Adam Levine is engaged

I’m a fan of Maroon 5 and I’m more than happy that Adam Levine has gotten engaged. He and the bride to be, Behati Prinsloo, has been dating since July last year. READ MORE!

Stumble of the Week

My best friend has finally started using Twitter! I happen to be surprised to see tweets from her on my twitter feed today. I got even more surprised when I stumbled upon the Facebook page she had also made for her blog.

She writes this wonderful a blog, Fairytale Pictures, and I urge everyone to check it out! She writes about movies, TV, her life and her travels, but mostly about movies. She’s also a rather good photographer and she shares some of her pictures on her blog too.

Gratitude of the Week

  • Mom’s cookings
  • Salmon
  • Crafts

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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