Just life

I procrastinate

I have a bad habit to procrastinate whenever I’m supposed to do something. I procrastinate taking a shower in the morning and when I finally do, I procrastinate getting out. I always end being almost late from the bus and I have to fly out the door as soon as I’ve gotten out of the shower.

I procrastinate doing the cleaning and other household chores. This happens mostly because I hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner and I just don’t want to take it out. I let all the dust balls and cat hair just pile up before I get sick of them and only then am I willing to do the vacuuming. This is a very bad habit, I know.

Every now and then I also let our laundry to pile up and end up having to spend a whole weekend doing laundry once in every three to four months.

Whenever I study something I always leave until last minute to finish all school projects. I tell myself I’ll be more efficient that way. Who knows if it’s true, but I definitely think that when in hurry you write shorter and simpler sentences and that’s not a bad thing.

I tend to procrastinate writing my blog too. This happens mostly when I know what I’m going to write about. My brain somehow convinces me that since I know what I’m going to write about it’ll be quickly done, so why would I have to do it at once. I can watch all these YouTube videos first, read some blogs, and check my Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter a gazillion times.

This happened again today. It’s almost half past eleven at night and I was supposed to be in bed by ten, but here I am procrastinating.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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