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Moomins are great

I was babysitting two wonderful boys today so that their parents could attend a friend’s wedding. The boys are two and four year olds and quite hyper. We’ve had an exciting day and at least I had a lot of fun.

It’s now almost ten o’clock at night and the older boy just got into bed while I’ve been ready for bed since eight. I finally managed to tire him out with some cartoons.

We watched a couple episodes of Moomins which reminded me of how great children’s program that is. The stories are fun, scary, educational and suitable for everyone no matter what age they are. The scary parts aren’t too scary, so it’s safe for younger viewer’s as well.

The best part! No violence! No one get’s hit, slashed or killed.

One of the episodes we watched with the kids today was the episode (number 15), where Snorkmaiden loses her memory an ends up acting like a princess, was especially amusing. I imagine I would act the same way if I suffered from lost memory and  someone told me I was a princess. I would definitely think I actually was one, because I sort am already. 🙂

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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