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Top 7 – Comics

Top 7I love comics! I usually read them first when I start reading a news paper. This week I’ve put together a list of my favorite comics. 🙂

#7: Cyanide and Happiness

I’ve never seen this comic on a news paper, but I’ve seen a lot of it on the internet. I like the sense of humour in these comics, though some might find them quite offensive. I like them!

#6: Simon’s cat

I love this cat and as a cat owner I can relate. I love watching the animated version on YouTube as much as reading the comic strips.

#5: Peanuts

I love the kids on Peanuts! They’ve got great characteristics, especially Charlie Brown, who seems to fail at everything. Poor guy. One of my favorite characters is Sally.

#4: Baby Blues

I like this comic mostly because it evolves as time passes by. First they had one kid, then the second one. I even think they might have three by now.

#3: Zits

This is the life of a teenage boy and I it gives me the giggles pretty much every time. 

#2: Nemi

This Norwegian goth girl is the wonderful. I love her view on life most of the time!

#1: Calvin and Hobbes

This is my favorite comic ever. I love the strips the most where Calvin is sucked into his imaginary world and he thinks his parents are aliens.


With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



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