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Memory Jar

People are making all sorts of different purpose memory jars that suit their needs and I wanted to make one too. I found pictures of some really pretty ones online, but I think I’m not talented enough to decorate mine too much.

I found a very great idea for travelers to have a jar for each country they visit to keep all those train tickets, a few pictures, receipts and all other keepsakes in one place. Most common jar type that I found through a quick research was the yearly memory jar. This way you end up with tons of jars full of written memories and that’s not what I want.

I don’t want a lot of jars lying around but I do want a place to store all those travel related things and all other bits and pieces I might want to keep, such as concert tickets. I decided to make one big jar that would hopefully keep memories from many years to come.

I ha thought I’d want the jar to be all shiny and pretty, so I thought I’d cover it with glitter. I’m extremely glad I made a test version to see how it would look because it didn’t look how I expected. So I ruined a jar, but luckily I had the jar I had intended to use for this project still untouched.

I ended up making this very simple jar with just a ribbon around it and a butterfly attached to the ribbon. The decorations are totally removable, so if I ever want to use the jar for other purposes or move my memories elsewhere, I can do it very easily.

I already slipped some memories in the jar; some movie and concert tickets, memories from my travels and some Hello Kitty band aids I got on my bachelorette party. This is how it looks like.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


One thought on “Memory Jar

  1. I have a box! It has bills of all the times I’ve been out with friends and enjoyed myself and movie ticket stubs and little scribbled notes that we’ve passed around in class. I’ve had it for ages now, and I love going through all these little memory-keepers from time to time. Makes you all warm and fuzzy every time you look at it, doesn’t it? 🙂

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