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Top 7 – 300 posts

Top 7I’ve written 299 blog posts so far. This post is number 300! I’m sort of surprised that only a few of them has been so called “lazy blog”, which I have written when I’ve had nothing to say or I’ve been to tired to come up with something witty, and only one has been a reblog. To celebrate being so productive and amazing I want to share seven of my posts that I think are worth sharing.

These are seven of my favorite posts

#7: Top 7- Baby animals

These cute little baby animals still bring a smile to my face. I was having a tiring day when I made this list and looking at these pictures just made my day so much better.

#6: Far from normal or far too normal?

I’m a normal person and these six facts prove it!

#5: Trip down a memory lane – One

This was the first post of a series of childhood memories that I wanted to share after I found an old diary. I remember laughing out loud when writing this post and even more when I was reading my old diary. I was such a doofus back then!

#4: I lost a letter from the alphabet

This was one of the most entertaining daily prompts I have done. It was fun to try to write a post without using one of the letters of the alphabet. I think I did rather good.

#3: I love you Exclamation Mark!

I wrote this post pretty early on and it has ever since been the most read post I’ve written. I liked it back then and I still like it. In fact I think I might love it!

#2: Blogging makes me happy!

Answer to the question “why do I blog?”. It makes me immensely happy!

#1: Happiness is a choice!

People often wonder how can be so smiley and happy all the time and I just say “I choose to be happy!”, it’s as simple as that!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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