Slim Down Project

Health Month – New month, new rules

Health monthI always love it when the new month starts on a Monday. It seems like a perfect time to start over and perhaps tackle some new tasks or challenges.

I feel like I didn’t do that well health-wise last month. I didn’t exercise as much as I had planned, though I did exercise more than the old me would have, which means I’m not too disappointed. I just know I could have done better.

And I ate chocolate, even though I was not supposed to, but once I cracked, I thought the harm is already done, I might as well have some more. I think I’ll try to keep away from chocolate again this month and see if I do any better.

This month I’m also sticking with the exercise rule. I’m hoping it’ll soon become a habit I can’t live without.

I added a new rule to support my healthier life style, and I know it’s going to be difficult for me to follow, but I know it’s going to be good for me. I’m going to bed before 10 pm every night, except weekends. Basically every night if I have to go to work the next morning. A healthy body needs enough sleep and right now I don’t get enough.

I’ve created a little crush on the Health Month website, and I find it easier to follow these healthy habits with a little help from the game. I have an awesome team and we support and encourage each other when needed. If you need a little boost from a friend every now and then, join the team and have fun with us!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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