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Top 7 – Spotify Apps

Top 7

Apps are slowly taking over the world through our smart phones, tablet computers and now through Spotify. I think Spotify has had apps for a while now, but I haven’t paid much attention to them until recently. Some of the apps don’t really interest me, but some are pretty handy and fun.

This is a list of my favorite Spotify apps.

#7: Geotunes

Ever wonder if there’s a song made about the Zimbabwe? Well, there is a huge bunch of songs about Zimbabwe! This app helps you find them by just clicking on the map.

#6: Moodagent

This app is kind of funny. It creates a playlist based on your mood. Most of the time the playlists it has created for me has not been good, but just today I realized that you can choose any song you feel like represents your mood and it creates the playlist on those terms, your mood and the song. This way the playlists were pretty good.

#5: Playmysong

This is a social jukebox you can add songs to with your friends. I have not tried it out yet, but it sure sounds cool. Like at a party you can have all of your friends add songs to the playlist through their phones or other devices. There’s no longer need for someone to sit in front of a computer to add songs to play next. Now anyone of your friends can do it.

#4: Billboard Top Charts

You can listen to the Billboard top 100 and top 200 lists with your Spotify account. There are other Billboard charts lists as well, so you can freely sink into the Billboard world of music whenever logged into Spotify.

#3: Conserts

Imagine this: You’re in a concert and the band is amazing, all the songs are amazing and you have a great time. The next day you’re desperately trying to remember all the songs you heard last night, but remember only a few. This app is your savior.

This app has all the latest set lists of pretty much any band’s latest gig. I’m not sure how accurate it is and I think it’s only possible to see the set list of the band’s very latest gig, (if you know how to find some older set lists, please let me know). Once you find the desired set list, you can save as a playlist and listen to the songs over and over again. Only down side is that they aren’t the live versions, which sometimes are a lot better than the original.

According to this app this is the playlist of Green Day’s gig at Summer Beach Festival last Wednesday in Helsinki:

#2: Tunewiki

I love singing, but I don’t always remember the lyrics to all of the songs, which is why I love Tunewiki. It shows the lyrics to the songs I’m listening to and I can sing my heart out!

#1: Lazify

Making the perfect playlist is sometimes hard work and sometimes I get lazy too. Lazify creates the playlist for you; all you need to do is pick a song that represents the sort of playlist you’d like to create, and voila!, your playlist is done. Just add and delete a song here and there if you like. It’s easy and you might even find new favorite bands or artists along the way.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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