Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Axel Foley, Aliens and Elvis

Wednesday ReviewI’m doing the 50/50 challenge and while I’m probably going to fail reading 50 books, I’m very close to have seen 50 movies this year and I might try to go for a hundred.

This past week I watched six movies and these are my thoughts on them.

Beverly Hills Cop

There was a Beverly Hills Cop marathon on TV last Saturday and I was excited to see them again after a long long time. I think Eddie Murphy is awesome as Axel Foley and I doubt there’s no one on this Earth that could disagree.

After Axel Foley’s old school buddy gets murdered by his doorstep, he tracks the killer to Los Angeles and kindly forces the police team of Taggart and Rosewood to help him out.

This movie is never disappointing and my mom absolutely loves it as well. I give Beverly Hills Cop two and a half thumbs up!

Two and a half thumbs up

Beverly Hills Cop 2

This second movie of the three is my favorite of the bunch.

Lieutenant Bogomil gets shot and Alex is asked to come over and help out with the investigation by Bogomil’s daughter. Alex is of course helpful even with all the shenanigans he comes up with along the way.

I give Beverly Hills Cop 2 three thumbs up!

Three thumbs

Beverly Hills Cop 3

The third movie was not as good as the previous ones and much of that has to do with the lack of Deputy Sergeant John Taggart. Rosewood wasn’t half as fun without Taggart and I sort of missed Liutenant Bogomil as well.

The story itself was surprising and inventive, and because I really couldn’t remember who the villain was, I was surprised when I found out.

I give Beverly Hills Cop 3 two thumbs up!

two thumbs up

John Carter

This movie was on TV last Saturday and my husband kindly announced he was sure I would like it. At first I thought I agreed, but then the aliens happened and I sort of lost interest, (I’m not too into alien movies). I watched the whole movie anyway and at some point it got more interesting and by the end I thought it was quite good after all.

The plot seemed kind of far-fetched and I really thought this can’t be any good. A war veteran, John Carter, finds himself on Mars and tries to find his way back. In the end it was an enjoyable movie though I’m pretty sure I don’t ever need to see it again.

And, oh yeah, it’s a Disney movie! I give John Carter two thumbs up!

two thumbs up


All in all I’ve had a weird movie week, because this one is an alien movie as well, and like I said, I’m not too into aliens and science fiction, unless I’m totally wrong and my interests have changed.

I had no idea what this movie was about and I was quite surprised when the aliens showed up. After that the plot was quite predictable, though by the end of the movie I was biting my nails and pulling my hair for not knowing what was going to happen.

I was initially willing to watch this movie because Alexander Skarsgård is in it, and he’s always nice to look at, and I also wanted to find out if Rihanna could actually act at all.

I give Battleship two and a half thumbs up!

Two and a half thumbs up

3000 Miles to Graceland

My husband has a habit of choosing pretty random movies on Netflix and most of the time I ignore them, but sometimes I end watching them. This was one of those times.

A bunch of ex-cons rob a casino dressed up as Elvis-impersonators. Two of them are suspected of being descendants to Elvis himself.

The movie was sort of amusing and it was definitely loud with all the shooting. I give 3000 Miles to Graceland two thumbs up!

two thumbs up


With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri




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