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Top 7 – Too many ideas

Top 7


Sometimes my brain goes hyper and I get too many thoughts in my noggin at the same time. This has definitely happened today. I’ve had so many ideas for today’s top 7 list, that I couldn’t decide which one to do. Or in some cases I couldn’t think of seven things to add to the list. So, because of this too-many-lists dilemma, I’m going to list all the lists I was about to do and maybe do them some other time.

#7:  My favorite organization blogs

I’m probably going crazy because I’ve been addicted to different organization and cleaning your house blogs and vlogs lately. This is crazy because even though I’m a Virgo, I’ve never been too much into cleaning or organizing my house, but I guess I’m finally growing up and willing to get this house fine and dandy, and organized.

#6: My favorite foods

I’ve got loads of foods I love. It would take me a while to pick my seven favorites. It was a lot easier to pick the seven food items I don’t like, because there are probably just seven of those. I made a list of those a while back (Top 7 – Foods I don’t like)

#5: The best songs to listen to while exercising

I discovered a bunch of new songs with a perfect beat for my walking rhythm and exercising is like a new cool thing again. Music makes it SO much better.

#4: Reasons to take naps

I was whining t my husband about how I can’t decide what list to make today and this is what he came up with. I don’t take naps too often because it completely messes up my sleeping rhythm, but naps are one of the best things in the world.

#3: Reasons not to take naps

This was my counter-idea for the previous one, but I could only come up with one reason and that is not a list.

#2: Why I and summer don’t always get along

I love the fact that it’s summer, but we don’t always get a long too well. Sometimes summer is just too hot and it makes me feel uncomfortable, but I’m afraid to complain too much, because I don’t want summer to go away.

#1: What to eat when you’ve had enough of salad

This was basically my sister’s Facebook-status today and I thought I’d come up with other healthy options to take as lunch to work, but I couldn’t come up with enough options. Maybe I’ll do a brainstorm next week on the topic and make a list for next Friday.

Which topic would you most like to see me cover? Would you like me to do a list on something else? What would that be? Leave a comment below or answer this poll!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



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