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Birthday gift card for my best friend

One of my best friends turned thirty about two weeks ago and she’s having her birthday party today. Taija is my oldest friend and I once wrote a post on how I met her (How I met my Best Friend). I wasn’t quite sure what I would get her for her big birthday, because she kind of has everything. We’ve been friend for almost 22 years, so I wanted the gift to be something awesome.

Another friend of mine luckily suggested I give her time, when I desperately asked her for ideas. And what a great idea that was! She’s extremely busy all the time, with working like a maniac, doing things around the house, taking her daughter to her activities, spending time with her perfect boyfriend, meeting all her friends and so on. She really needs time and that’s what I’m giving to her.


We’ve been talking about going to see ballet for about two years now, but never find the time or money for it. So, I’m giving her a “gift card” and offering her for a night at the ballet with me! I’m probably going to take her out to eat something as well. It’s like a gift for both of us!


Because I’m going to let her choose which ballet she wants to see the most, I didn’t buy any tickets yet. Instead I made her this gift card/birthday card, to let her know what I’m planning to do. To make it feel like a bigger gift than just a card I put it inside a pretty purple box.

Birthday gift

I actually made the mini-tutu using little organza gift-bags for the ballet dancer on the cover of the card. I found this really easy to make no-sew tutu tutorial that you can do in life-size as well. Just thought I’d share the video, if you’d like to try it out! The video is on Alli Trippy’s channel, but she found the tutorial on


With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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