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I will never write about Politics

The headline of this post says it all; I will never write about politics, but here I am writing about it to tell you I’m not going to write about it. Damn you Daily Prompt!

Daily Prompt: Never

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I know I should never say never, but this will definitely be the first and last post I’ll ever write that is even remotely described as politics. I don’t have strong enough opinions concerning politics to be willing to write about the topic. I think it’s a messy business and most politicians make promises they can’t possibly keep, which makes me resent the issue even more.

I vote when asked and I strongly support the same-sex marriage law, but that’s pretty much all I have to do with politics, and that’s good for me. I trust the government to be full of smarter people than me, who know what they’re doing, even though they sometimes seem like a bunch of idiots.

One reason why I won’t be writing anything about politics ever again, is the lack of correct vocabulary. I hardly know what I’m talking about in Finnish, I would never get through a serious post about politics in English. 🙂

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



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