Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – I’m just so awesome!

Mama Kats pretty much world famous writing prompts are awesome and so am I!

The Prompts:

1.) 15 Reasons You’re Awesome. (inspired by LouLou’s Views)
2.)  Give us a tour of a room in your house you love. (inspired by Neon Fresh)
3.) But it’s got a great beat! Tell us about a song you loved growing up even though the lyrics were ridiculous.
4.) Oklahoma. (inspired by South Main Muse)
5.) Your week in Instagram photos! (inspired by Live, Laugh, Read)

1.) 15 Reasons You’re Awesome. (inspired by LouLou’s Views)

1. I’ve never tried drugs

Drugs are not cool and for never using any drugs I’m pretty darn awesome!

2. I was extremely shy once but I overcame my shyness somewhere along the way

I was a really shy kid, but sometime during my teens I guess I began to find the true me and lost most of my shyness in the process. As the sense of real me grew I gained more courage and my self-esteem strengthened. It’s awesome to be me!

3. I fall asleep in just seconds

Sometimes I can fall asleep in the middle of a sentence or before my head even hits the pillow. I love it!

4. I like being helpful

My favorite helpful deed is helping my friends move. Apparently I’m good at it too, at least that’s what my friends have told me. Anyway, I like being helpful with strangers as well, like giving directions on the street or helping tourists with their troubles.

a1eae-workout_fail_by_basalt5. I’m doing things in order to lose some weight instead of just moping around the house

I’m not just sitting on my laurels. I’m moving and shaking, eating healthier and so on.

6. I’m an awesome listener

I’m the best shoulder to cry on. I know what to say and when to say it as well as when just to be there.

7. I love my two cats, but don’t feel the need to call myself their mommy. I’m their owner and they’re my pets.

I’m not a mom until I’ve given birth. Even though my cats are as awesome as me, they’re not my babies, though I do love them more than suitable.

8. I don’t like fighting

I’m a pretty peaceful person and will stay away from almost any fighting. I do think it’s healthy to sometimes have a quarrel or two in a relationship, but if someone tries to pick up a fight over something extremely minuscule, such as which knife to use to cut an onion, I will happily cut the onion with the said knife instead of starting a stupid fight.

9. I love playing with kids

I love dressing up barbies and building with legos. I like playing with almost any toy actually and it’s always best when there’s kids around. There don’t have to be toys around all the time either, I’m very willing to create sand castles, playing tag or anything really. Kids are the best!

10. I laugh at myself

I don’t take myself too seriously and if I mess up, I’m very capable to just laugh at myself. I do stupid things sometimes and that’s awesome!

11. I’m a positive optimist

Sometimes I even sicken myself with my positivity, but I truly believe that you can choose to be happy, so just do it!

12. I always see the good in people

I may seem a bit naive, but I think all people are good until proven evil. I promise I’m being careful and I won’t just trust in any stranger that I meet, but they can’t be all bad and they should be given a chance to show how good they are.

13. I sing even though I really don’t know how

I have a feeling not everyone think this is awesome, but it makes me awesome because I love singing and why should I refrain from singing just because I’m not that good at it. Oh no! I sing and I’m awesome because of that!

14. I can do some pretty cool crafts

There are people who are more awesome at crafts than I am, but I’m extremely proud of all the crafts I’ve done!


15. I’m not perfect

Even though I’m the mot awesome person ever and there’s no one better than me, I’m still not perfect. Now, how awesome is that?!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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