Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – Angry Hello Kitty Birds

It’s Thursday and it’s time for the writer’s workshop again. 🙂

The Prompts:

1.) A time you felt validated. (inspired by Adventures in Alyssaland)
2.) List six random facts about yourself.
3.) Talk about a trend you don’t care for.
4.) The last thing you lost.
5.) Pinterest Inspired! Share something you pinned and actually tried.

3.) Talk about a trend you don’t care for.

Even though I’m probably not the slightest bit trendy I still find some trends weird or annoying. I don’t really care for the “pants on the ground” trend or why some women want to have mile long nails. But I’m not going to talk about those today, because there are Angry Birds and Hello Kitties that I care for equally as less.

Picture from wikipedia.org

I’ve told all of my friends and relatives that if they ever bring any Hello Kitty related things to my future kids, I will throw the things out immediately. Having said this, what do they get me as a gift for my bachelorette party – Hello Kitty rice cakes and Hello Kitty plasters. If they only knew how big of a risk they actually took, they would’ve thought it over a few times. I almost threw a fit, but we were on a train with strangers in the same coach, so I decided to laugh instead. At home I hid them somewhere so know one would never know I have Hello Kitty merchandise at home.

I don’t know what it is exactly that I don’t like about Hello Kitty, I just don’t care for it that much. I think it would be understandable if it was just kids, but grown up people go crazy over Hello Kitty merchandise. Why would you want everything to be covered with a white and pink cartoon kitty? I don’t get it, but if you like that kind of stuff, I won’t judge you. I just won’t understand it.

Angry Birds is pretty much the same sort of trend as Hello Kitty; “cute” colorful birds that are angry appeal to some people. I like the game and I love the fact that it’s created my a Finn and it being such a huge success around the world is absolutely wonderful, but do you have to put the birds everywhere?

Picture from artisancakecompany.com

There are Angry Birds themed toys, candy, coffee, mobile phone covers, amusement parks, normal parks, make-up removers, body lotion, smoothies, donuts, stickers, bags, hats, stationery etc. There are actually Angry Bird themed wedding cake toppers and I know people who have used them at their wedding. The same couple used Angry Birds bed sheets in their bed on their wedding night.

Again, I would understand this better if it was just the kids going crazy over it, but actual adults are losing their minds over this trend. But I’m not to judge anyone over what they go crazy over. I myself go crazy over Ikea furniture and all the knicks and knacks they sell. That could be a trend some of you might not understand or care for that much.

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty or Angry Birds? Do you think it’s weird someone goes crazy over those trends? What sort of trends do you go crazy over?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

P.S. I just googled my post headline “Angry Hello Kitty Birds” and this is a picture I found. What is happening in the world? They’re Angry Bird Hello Kitty bottle cap magnets.


22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Angry Hello Kitty Birds

  1. There are only boy children in my house, so luckily I have avoided the whole Hello Kitty issue, but they LOVE angry birds. Even though it makes no sense whatsoever to me to pay twice as much for gummies that are vaguely shaped like a cartoon character, they beg for them all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Dropping in from Mama Kat’s!

    1. I might need to rethink of my I-wish-my-first-born-would-be-a-girl preference in order to avoid being forced to buy the Hello Kitty stuff. 🙂 Kids are weird. Though I remember spending a tiny fortune of my parents’ money to collect the Simpsons stickers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stickers from chewing gum packets when I was a kid. I was a weirdo as well!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My daughter loves Hello Kitty. I’m not really sure how she fell for it, but she did hook line and sinker!

    I’ve NEVER played Angry Birds. I really know nothing about it.

    I wish I could say which trend I’m crazy about. But, really, I’m not much for trends at all.

    1. That’s why they made the Kitty without a mouth I guess, to appeal to both, happy and brooding, people. You can’t possibly know if the Kitty is happy or not, so even those brooding Emo girls can find the appeal.

      I still don’t. 🙂

  3. Yah…I don’t really understand the hello kitty thing in adult apparel. My sis-in-law (who is a little doll) loves hello kitty and somehow it’s adorable on her. But she’s the only exception I make 🙂

    1. My five-year-old goddaughter is into Hello Kitty as well and I it’s fine, but I refuse to buy more Hello Kitty things for her, no matter how much she wants them. 🙂

    1. I guess you usually grow out of the things you like when you’re a kid, though this does not happen to everyone. It’s fairly OK to like Hello Kitty when you’re 8. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. LOL. Angry Bird Hello Kitty. wow. My 7 year old loves Hello Kitty. I myself find the items cute. I don’t actually walk around with the items. However, I do splurge some and let her room have any Hello Kitty item I can possibly afford. My 10, almost 11 year old, grows in and out of trends quick. She went through a Hannah Montanna, Justin Beiber, and things like that. She has one pair of Angry Bird Pajama Bottoms someone gave her for Christmas. I think the thing that irks me the most is probably the same thing that drove my mother insane. I graduated in 1994 and slowly before 1998, bell bottoms and peace signs were everywhere. I still wear clothes like that and I wear silver jewelry, so I do have a silver peace sign ring. I guess my mother had flashbacks and me not being in that era, made her cringe. Now my actual childhood 80’s style is coming in fast and my oldest daughter will start middle school next year dressed like she stepped out of a Cyndi Laupher video though if not for me, she would be clueless as to who Cyndi Laupher is. lol. Wondering if my 7 year old will get older and the 90’s skateboarding trend will be back. GREAT POST!!

    1. I can hardly wait for the 90’s trends to hit it big time again. I think the fashion trends have until now been switching between the 70’s and the 80’s. Being bor in the early 80’s and being a teenager in the 90’s, it would be fun to see the 90’s fashion again!

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