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My smartphone vs. My social life

Finland is, or at least sometime was, the country with most mobile phones per person. I think everyone in Finland has a mobile phone and these days quite many might ave a smart phone. I don’t know any official statistics, but most of the people I know has a smart phone.

I got my first mobile phone when I was sixteen years old. Most of my friends already had one and I had been demanding to get one for a long time (perhaps about a year). The phone I got was Nokia 6110 and I could save probably less than a hundred text messages on it until I had to delete them to make space for incoming messages. And I could only type 160 characters in one message. It feels so weird now.

I bought my first smart phone  in 2007, I think. It was an HTC Hero and I was so happy I had it. It was white and I could browse internet with it. I’ve switched phones only twice after that and once you go smart you never go back to dull, right. I love my smart phone (currently a Sony Xperia LT26w) and would never give it up.

This week’s weekly writing challenge asked in the form of a poll: “Does your phone affect your relationships?”

My answer is no. When I’m with humans, my phone is in my pocket. If you had asked me this a bit over a year ago I would’ve said “Huh? What was the question? Someone @replied me on Twitter just now.” A friend of mine actually took my phone away from me once and put a lock on it so that I could’t use it. We were hanging at a bar at the time and I kept constantly checking my tweets, so I guess I deserved it. It worked as a wake up call and I started to pay more attention to when I was using my phone too much and started to be more social with the people who were actually there.

These days it seems like my friends use their smartphones around other humans way more than I do. They update their Facebook status, maybe read the news, check in Foursquare or whatever. They don’t however spend the whole ogling their phones and that’s quite normal.

Nowadays I use my smartphone most when I’m alone; I check the Twitter and Facebook of course. Sometimes I read the news, ckeck my email or play different games (like Temple Run or Alchemy). I might check if any of my posts have new comments or most of the time I read new posts by the awesome bloggers who I happen to follow.

I take the bus to work everyday, though I might start commuting by bike soon, and I think it’s very convenient that I can check the emails and tweets on the trip so I can have more time to do other things at home.

So yeah, I’d say me having a smartphone does not affect my social life negatively. On the contrary it makes my social life much easier, both online and in real life.  I can’t imagine not having a smartphone. I love my smartphone!

I’ve gotten really into memes these days. 🙂

Do yo have a smartphone? Do you use it for online social activities when you should be social with real humans? Do you know someone who uses their smartphone too much?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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