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Health Month – Music makes exercising so much better!

Health month

I’m loving my life! I feel so energetic and like nothing can stop me. I’ve been exercising with a huge smile on my face and it has been really easy too, thanks to the sun shining bright!

I’ve mostly been going for a power walks in the past week. I don’t like exercising so I figured walking is the easiest exercise for me to begin with. So far I’ve been enjoying it and hopefully I’ll be addicted by next winter. If I get myself hooked during the summer, I might be crazy enough to continue during the winter. Or maybe I’ll find some alternative form of exercise by then.

Some time ago I stumbled upon to a website called and I mentioned it in a post as well (Top 7 – StumbleUpon). It’s a site that helps you create a playlist that works for your exercise. It tells you which songs perfectly fit your jogging/walking pace.

I used that site to create a fun playlist for me to listen to while I walk and I thought I’d share it with you today. It’s about an hour long and I basically chose songs that make me feel good about myself. I’ve found the One Direction song especially helpful toward the end of my walking route; I’m usually pretty tired by then and nothing makes me feel more radiant than five cute guys telling me I’m beautiful!


I chose a very mellow song in the end so I would have time to relax and stretch before officially ending the exercise. Otherwise I would never stretch and I that’s not good.

Exercise-wise I’ve had a great week, but I’ve been slacking with the water. I need to get back on the horse and just fill the glass whenever I empty it.

My progress on Health Month - Week 2
My progress on Health Month – Week 2

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


2 thoughts on “Health Month – Music makes exercising so much better!

  1. I will never understand how people can be without drinking water. I get dehydrated. Or it feels like it. Minimum amount of water per day is 2L.
    But great to read that you’re doing great! I just started my health program today very lousily.

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