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Top 7 – Why I’m so happy!

Top 7

Why are you so happy? How come do you smile like all the time? How do you stay so positive?

These are the three most common questions I get all the time from my friends and even more from my co-workers. Today I’ll give you seven reasons why I’m so freaking happy today!

#7: I choose to be happy

This is basically the main reason I’m so happy every day. It’s all about what you think inside your head. I do feel crappy every now and then, and I’m extremely tired on most mornings, but I try my best to think of all the good things in my life and just choose to be happy instead. It’s all in your head and for me it works like charm!

#6: A phone call from a friend

One of best friends called me perhaps an hour ago. She called to tell me about the progress on her DIY-project at home (she’s renovating their kitchen table). Apparently she had been quite productive and she had awarded her with a few beers or ciders. She was having such a good time and she just made me laugh! I love her!

#5: The magic scale

Another friend of mine has this “magic” scale which not only tell you how much you weight, but how much of that weight is fluids, fat and muscle. I got on this scale today and even though my weight hadn’t gone down I have lost over 4% of fat and gained as much muscle. All the water drinking (and peeing) really paid of, because my body’s water level was higher than ever, and apparently the body needs water to be able to burn off all the fat. So it doesn’t matter that I don’t weigh any less than I did two weeks ago, when I started my health month, my body has already changed for the better and if that doesn’t make me happy, there’s something really wrong with me.

#4: My sister

I love my sister! She started to write her own blog some time ago and ever since we’ve been exchanging blogging tips. I’ve mostly given her most of the tips, but she has been a great help figuring out topics to write about. My sister’s blog is called Looking For Life and she’s also trying to figure out how to obtain healthier life style.

#3: A post by Rarasaur

I’ve mentioned this amazing woman, Rarasaur, before and probably will time and time again, so get used to it. I’ve never met her, but I have a strong feeling she’s a lot like me. We’re both awesome, positive and happy as can be.  Today Rarasaur wrote a post, Purposely Positive(ly Ridiculous), in which she lists things she’s grateful for. The list is a sure cure for the blues, so if you seek laughter and ways to happiness, check that post out. And while you’re at it, check her other posts as well.

#2: Clean home

I was pretty tired when I got home from work today, but I had ignored cleaning the apartment for too long and decided to really clean it. I surprised myself by this decision, and was even more surprised when I decided to actually wash the floors and dust the carpets outside. And if I was surprised, you should have seen how utterly surprised my husband was, his face was worth a picture. Now the apartment is clean and I’m happy.

#1: The best neighbors ever

There is a public sauna in our apartment building and all the households has their own time-slot once a week when they can use it. Our’s is on Saturdays, but after the frantic cleaning I wished we would have the chance to get in the sauna today. This is where the best neighbors ever come in; as me and the hubby were taking the carpets in after dusting them, we bumped into our downstairs neighbors, (a family with two children and they’re really nice). They were just coming out of the sauna and they told us they still had 35 minutes left of their time for the sauna, and if we wanted to, we could use it. I was so stunned with happiness and all I could say was “thank you, we’d love to”, but later I thought I should get them something, because they just don’t realise how happy they just made me.

What should I get for these lovely neighbors? Should I bake them something? A cake maybe? Or a bread? Should I buy a flower instead or just make a card? 

What had made you happy today?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


6 thoughts on “Top 7 – Why I’m so happy!

  1. I like the fresh fruit idea! 🙂 Loved your post! It sounds like you, just like me, have a ton of things to be happy about! Maybe we’re just blessed?! 😀

    1. Maybe we are blessed with happy things in our lives, or at least we’re blessed with an ability to see the positive through the negative, which is great! 🙂

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