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Writer’s Workshop – YouTubers

All of my friends know I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I made a list of my favorite channels last August, Top 7 – Entertaining YouTubers, but inspired by the Writer’s Workshop decided to update the list. I cheated a little this week and chose to do two prompts from the list. I posted one the day before yesterday telling what sites I visited the most when I first started using the internet. Read that post as well while you’re at it! (Writer’s Workshop – First encounters with the world wide web.

The Prompts:

1.) Your top 10 favorite YouTube channels.
2.) A long drive…
3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.
4.) When you first discovered the internet, what sites did you frequent most?
5.) Tell us what (or who) you’re crushing on.

1.) Your top 10 favorite YouTube channels.

The Vloggers

I’m a big fan of vlogging and vloggers. For those who don’t know, vlogging is video blogging, where instead of writing you speak what you want to say. My favorite vloggers make a daily video about their everyday lives, which makes it the best sort of reality TV.

1. The CTFxC

CTFxC are Charles Trippy and his wife Alli and their channel is called “Internet killed the TV”. They just started their fifth year of daily vlogs. I subscribed to them about a year ago and I’ve enjoyed the ride. Their vlogs are mainly just their everyday life, but Charles is the bass player for We The Kings and he vlogs whenever they’re on tour as well. The tour vlogs are my favorites, the guys have so much fun on tour and they’re all pretty cool.

2. Shaytards

Shaytards are the Butler family from Pocatello, Idaho, who now live in Los Angeles, California, and make daily vlogs about their everyday life. The family consists of husband and wife, Shay Carl and Colette, and their four children, who they call by their “stage names” Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard. They’re going to have a fifth baby by the end of this year, and if you include their Dane-puppy, Ezekiel, to be part of the family, there are eight members in the family. It’s a big family!

This family is the most inspirational family there is. Their kids are the most entertaining kids there is and they make their vlogs the most entertaining to watch. They’ve done daily vlogs for four years but are planning to quit after the fifth is done. This family is the best around!

The beauty channels

I don’t watch that many beauty or fashion channels because I’m not that interested in those things. There are however a few I really enjoy watching.

3. Hey Kayli

Kayli Butler, (who is actually the wife of Shay Carl Butler’s brother), is a wife, a mother, an amazing crafter and a hairdresser. On her channel she does crafts, cooksand gives hair tutorials. She has given me so much inspiration to my own craft and her hair tutorials are simple and fun.

4. Fleur De Force

Fleaur’s channel is a rather new discovery for me. I subscribed to her only two weeks ago, but I’m in love with her British accent and she’s pretty to watch too. She has a vlogging channel as well, which makes her even more awesome.

Hey Kayli
Fleur De Force

Weight loss inspiration

There are ton of fitness and weight loss channels on YouTube and I subscribe to a few of them, but there is just one worth mentioning on my favorite-list

5. Brett The Intern

Brett was once an intern, which gave his channel its name, but today he’s trying to lose one third of his body and so far his doing great. He started his project 1/3 less than a month ago, which has been a huge inspiration for me to lose parts of my body, like the belly and perhaps the thighs.

Brett the Intern

Pure entertainment

6. Hannah Hart

I’ve had the biggest girl crush on Hannah Hart for over a year now, and I’m still crushing. I’ve mentioned her in eight previous posts and dedicated a whole post to her existence, (the post is conveniently called Hannah Hart). I was pretty obsessed with her a year ago, but I’ve calmed down a lot since then.

She has a cooking show, My Drunk Kitchen, which is pretty hilarious to watch, but she’s not just tipsy cook; she’s a master of puns, she speaks japanese and when she sings, she has the voice of an angel. I love her just a little bit.

Hannah Hart
Hannah Hart

7. Daily Grace

She’s perhaps the prettiest face on YouTube and she might even be the funniest woman in USA as well. She makes a video on her channel every day, except on weekends. She makes me giggle and laugh out loud.

Daily Grace
Tim Helbig

8. Tim Will Destroy You

Tim is Daily Grace’s bother and he is almost as fun as his sister. His awkward humour is absolutely hilarious! The two Helbigs, (Grace and Tim), have the funny gene in them for sure.

9. The Fine Brothers Productions

The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, have so many things going on on YouTube it makes me wonder how do they ever manage their time.

They make the so called React-videos, where kids, teens, elders and YouTubers react to viral videos suggested by the viewers. They also created the My Music sitcom on YouTube last year which was interactive and scripted at the same time. Their newest series is the cartoon called Emo Dad and it’s definitely worth to watch!

Benny and Rafi Fine

10. The Community Channel

If Daily Grace is the funniest woman in USA, Natalie Tran, who basically is the Community Channel, is the funniest woman in Australia. Her videos are always fun and entertaining. Too bad she has not been very consistent on making her videos lately. I miss her videos.

Natalie Tran

Do you watch YouTube? Have you watched any of the channels mentioned above? Who do you like to watch?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – YouTubers

  1. I haven’t really looked at that many v-logs but now I’m inspired to check them out. Just what I need … another addiction, LOL

    Thanks for the guide, I’m sure I will be checking out a lot of them.

    1. I’m glad to get you inspired and if you do get addicted, we could figure out some sort of Anonymous YouTube Addicts group and try to get over our addiction together. 🙂

  2. I’ve watched Daily Grace before, and seen the Drunk Kitchen, but you’ve given me so much more to watch! Great list! I’ve slacked off lately, but I was participating in Mama Kat’s vlogging prompts, so I watch her channel a lot!

    1. It’s nice to “meet” other people who watch the same channels as I. I, of course, watch Mama Kat’s channel too, though I don’t do videos myself.

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