Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up – 18/2013

SONY DSCWelcome to my Weekly Wrap Up. The wrap up consists of five different parts. The first part is called Dear Diary, where I’ll write a short description of my week. The second part, Me of the Week, will be a picture of me taken during this week. Third part, News of the Week is a smaller version of the Sunday News. Stumble of the Week, the fourth part, is something I’ve stumbled on in the Internet that I find interesting. In the last part, Gratitude of the Week, I’ll list all the things I’m grateful for this week.

Dear Diary

I’ve been having a great week. I started health month and even though I haven’t exercised enough I’ve been doing great. I feel good and that’s the whole point.

The sun has been shining more and it has been really warm, which naturally means the summer is almost here. Life is good and that’s the way I like it!

Me of the Week

Me of the week 18

News of the Week

Prince Harry reveals sex of Duchess’ baby

According to Prince Harry the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a boy. Prince Harry is excited to become an uncle and has been telling everyone how happy he is to have nephew.

The Duchess has also let slip that she has bought a new Bugaboo pram in light blue.

The Royal family has however been giving hints that the baby could be a girl as well, so no one really know for sure yet. READ MORE!

Personally I don’t really understand all the secrecy and why even bother giving hints here and there.

Stumble of the Week

I stumbled on this online shoe shop at upperstreet.com. This online women’s shoe shop gives you the opportunity to create your own shoe. You can design your dream shoe from heel to toe, choose the colours, the straps, the embellishments, you can even determine the heel height you wish to have.

The shoes are handmade and there are various materials and colours to choose from. The shoes aren’t cheap, but even though you’re not able to buy them, it’s fun to just play with your imagination and design the shoes.

Gratitude of the Week

  • I have the best friends anyone could have
  • Summer is coming
  • Cold beer on sunny terrace in great company

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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