Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Lost on a deserted island


Yay for Friday!

If you ever get lost on a deserted island you’re probably not very well prepared for that. How could you even prepare to get lost on a deserted island? You wouldn’t be exactly lost if you planned it.

I made a list of seven things I would hope to have with me on a deserted island.

#7: A Knife

A hunting knife and maybe some sort of machete for hunting and clearing of jungle. I should probably take a course on hunting or something, because I would have no idea what to do except stab the heck out of the animal.

#6: A Toothbrush and toothpaste

I would start feeling really icky very fast without a toothbrush and never ending supply of toothpaste. It would be preferable to have more than one toothbrush as well; they don’t last forever.

#5: Pots and Pans

Assuming I’d be able to make fire and actually catch something to cook, it would be cool to have some pots and pans to cook the meat. Also, in case of not having fresh water around, I would need to boil sea water in order to survive. Or perhaps I’d just need a trangia with never ending supply of gas.

#4: Survival guidebook

I would definitely need this. I might be lucky enough t be able to catch an animal and learn to skin it as I go, but I would love to have a book with all sorts of “with-these-life-hacks-you-can-survive-on-a-deserted-island” tips and hints.

#3: Matches

Preferably waterproof matches and hopefully they would last forever.

#2: Books

I would love to have a whole library with me, but if I can’t have that I would still love to have as many books as possible. I don’t mind reading books again and again as long as they’re good.


#1: Notebooks and a pen

Notebook and as many pens as I need to write down my thoughts and ideas. I would probably have a lot of time to write a diary as well. It would be my own private island blog.

What would you hope you had with you in this predicament?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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