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Health Month – Join my team!


I’m a total failure.

I made seven new year’s resolutions four months ago and so far I’ve failed at least two of them. The two resolutions are to maintain healthier eating habits throughout the year and to exercise three times a week (or at least once a week).

My healthier eating habits have just come and gone and I’m fairly happy with what I have been eating, but I had hoped I would have had more willpower to refuse all the french fries and chicken wings we have on Saturday nights with my husband. The exercising on the other hand has been such a huge fail that I almost hate myself for it.

The year is almost half way through and even though I’ve already failed, I can still get back on that horse, or the treadmill in my case, and start exercising and continue eating healthier food. I believe you should never give up on something you think is important even if you’ve failed at it before.

Getting back on track.

In order to get back on track I’ve created myself an account at Health month is a health-game you make for yourself. You set yourself challenges in order to create new habits (you can set three challenges in the free version) and track them on the site. You get life points whenever you do well and the more life points you have by the end of the month, the more awesome you are.

I set myself two challenges for now; I need to learn to drink more water, so I’m going to try to drink 70 glasses of water every week. Of course I had to have a challenge that would require me to exercise, so I’m going to have to exercise for 30 minutes at least four times a week.

The Health month isn’t just for people wanting to lose weight or eat more healthy. You can set your goals to gain a better mental health as well. You might need to boost your self-esteem or relax more.

Join my team!

You don’t however have to do all of it alone. You can enjoy health month in a team and that’s exactly what I would like to do. I someone to drag me outside for a brisk walk. I need someone to push out the door and push me in another do into a gym for some aerobics. I suck at these things and I want you to join my team, The Awesome Life-Improvement Team!

Every single person has something they want to achieve; write something everyday, read something at least once a week, save money. I want yo to change your life this May with me and start reaching for those goals! Join my team so we can do it together! Let’s be awesome together!


Health month

I’m very new to, so I’m not exactly sure how all the things work, but if you have any questions or problems with joining in the team, I will try to do all that I can to help you out.

I will update my progress on my blog and will encourage you to do so as well if you decide to join in. I will not require you to link back to my blog, but it would be nice if you’d use the tag HMTeamAwesomeLife.

Don’t forget to be awesome!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


3 thoughts on “Health Month – Join my team!

  1. First of all, I don’t think you’re a failure. I have firsthand experience at starting all sorts of projects (including weight loss) and stopping midway. As long as you get back to it, you’re making progress. I’m having more success this year than ever before with my weight loss because I’m determined to reach my goal weight. I know you can do it as well.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, I really need it! I’ve been following your blog and you’re doing really good! Keep up the good work, for it inspires me to keep up with mine.

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