Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up – 17/2013

SONY DSCWelcome to my Weekly Wrap Up. The wrap up consists of five different parts. The first part is called Dear Diary, where I’ll write a short description of my week. The second part, Me of the Week, will be a picture of me taken during this week. Third part, News of the Week is a smaller version of the Sunday News. Stumble of the Week, the fourth part, is something I’ve stumbled on in the Internet that I find interesting. In the last part, Gratitude of the Week, I’ll list all the things I’m grateful for this week.

Dear Diary

I had a good week this week. Work was fine and I got a lot of important things done. We also worked really well together with one of my coworkers and I think I even made her week a little better.

I also visited my hometown Turku and spend some time with my mom and sister. I also went to my goddaughter’s birthday party and caught up with other relatives as well. Everyone thought the cards I made were brilliant and Liisa, the goddaughter, loved the sunglasses I embellished for her.

Me of the Week

me this week

News of the Week

Life jacket for a goldfish!

I can’t decide which is more curious, the fact that fish can actually be disabled too or that the owner of a disabled goldfish made the fish a life-jacket.

Einstein the goldfish lost the ability to swim after suffering from a swim bladder disease. Einstein’s owner could not watch the poor fish just lying there on the bottom of the tank, so he decided to make Einstein a life-jacket to help him swim again. And it sure did help! READ MORE!

Stumble of the Week

I haven’t written a diary for years, but this week I stumbled upon a website that has made writing into a fun challenge, so I started to write one. 750words.com makes me want to write 750 words every day to get all the badges and I love badges!

If you enjoy writing down your thoughts just in order to clear your mind, but are a procrastinator like me, this good be a great thing for you too. It’s not blogging, everything you write is automatically private, so you can freely pour your heart and soul out to empty your mind and no one will ever be able to read it.

The fun part of it is the badges and the points you get the more you write. It counts the words you write and saves them automatically as well as analyzes the words and tells you how you’ve been feeling and your current mindset. You can choose to write in any language, but I think the analyzing works only if you write in English.


Joining in is absolutely free for now, but it’ll change next Wednesday (May 1st) and from that day forward the site requires everyone who wants to join to pay $5/month to be able to write (they won’t delete anything you write if you miss a month), but everyone who joins in before May gets a free account for the rest of their lives. So join now if you think this site could be what you really need.

I’ve written my 750 words for four days in a row this week and my mind has been feeling better than ever.


Gratitude of the Week

  • I’m super grateful for some of my awesome colleagues who make working so much fun
  • Mom’s semolina porridge

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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