Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Great actors

top-7Last week I shared a list of some great actresses and thought I’s make a list of some great actors this week. Since I’m pretty flaky when it comes to stating my favorites this list is also very possible to change as soon as I see a movie with some other great actor.

As I said with the list of the actresses, the amount of love I have for each of them grows as the number gets smaller, (I love the number one the most). It’s very possible I love them a lot for their good looks (yes, I’m objectifying them) but I mostly love them for their talent.

#7: Zac Efron

#6: Ryan Reynolds

#5: Ryan Gosling

#4: Bradley Cooper

#3: Johnny Depp

#2: Robert Downey Jr.

#1: Leonardo DiCaprio

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


3 thoughts on “Top 7 – Great actors

  1. The talent on your list is questionable. 😀 But I love it that you’re like that. Btw, go see the new Iron Man, Downey Jr is even hotter than before if that’s possible.

    1. I think I’ve evaluated some of their talent as being extremely good looking more than their actual talent as an actor. 😀 They’re all really nice to look at though. 😉 And some of them are actually talented actors as well.

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