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Writer’s Workshop – Spring craft

Welcome to another day of Writer’s Workshop, where I choose one of the given prompts and write my post about it. If you would like to part of it, click away and see how it works on

The Prompts:

1.) List 6 of your favorite quotes.
2.) Talk about a time you faced a fear.
3.) Tell us about a love story that makes you happy.
4.) The last thing your pet destroyed.
5.) Share Spring inspired craft

5.) Share Spring inspired craft

I decided to do a really easy and quick craft today. I found two pairs of quite cheap children’s sunglasses at Lindex and decided to craft a birthday present to my soon to be five-year-old goddaughter.

Besides the sun shining outside, I had the inspiration to do it from a video on YouTube. I saw the video (watch the video below) by Hey Kayli just the other day and she made it look so much fun that made me want to try it out as well.

Basically I just glued some pearls, hearts and flowers on them. I also covered the pink glasses with some glitter glue. I think they turned out really pretty. 

This craft would be fun to do with kids as well, though if they’re very young it could get messy.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Spring craft

  1. Why didn’t I ever think of that when my kids were younger? I was boiling character toothbrushes to make my daughter bracelets. I tell you – that’s NOT a craft to try when the kids are in the same county!

    Your craft seems a bit cuter and way more sane.

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