Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Fun things to do!

top-7I’m so happy it’s Friday again and I can sleep as long as I want tomorrow. Friday also means a new top-7 list from the corners of my mind.

This week I wrote down a list of things I think would be sort of cool to at least think of doing just once in my life.

#7: Use the fire-exit hammer

Sometimes when I sit in a bus while thinking about something extremely mundane and I look up; That’s when I see the emergency-exit hammer. Those times I really just want to grab the hammer and see how easily the glass would actually break.

#6: Talk like a movie announcer
In a deep, deep voice.

This summer… the best blog in the world… will surprise you… it will give you some attention… maybe a little affection… but most of all… it will remain the best blog ever! 

Coming soon to a computer near you.

#5: Message in a bottle

Wouldn’t it be cool to send a message in a bottle to see if anyone receives it

#4: Make my life a musical

I know I have at least one, (maybe two or three), friend who would be in on this with me. I think it would be just so cool to just burst out singing every now and then. At work I could sing: “next I’ll just check the email again until it’s time for something else. Why oh why can’t someone else be here with me to stack all these shelves”. That would be SO fun!

#3: Flashmob

This goes kind of hand in hand with number three. Dancing is a lot of fun as well and I’d be excited to be part of a flashmob.

#2: All the things on this list

I would just want to see people’s reactions.

#1: A traveling book

I think it would be even cooler then to send a message in a bottle, to send a book in an envelope to someone and after they’ve read it, they would send it to someone else. Everyone who ever reads the book could write a short note on it and if it would ever come back to me, I would be able to see how far my book traveled.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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