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Writer’s Workshop – A magazine taught me this

I’ve genuinely began to enjoy Thursdays more because of the Writing prompts of Writer’s Workshop. Sometimes I even learn to do new things and realise things I never thought of. Isn’t that just wonderful!

The Prompts:

1.) A seventh grade memory.
2.) Something new you tried.
3.) List your “March Favorites”.
4.) Write a post inspired by the word: Eggs
5.) Share something you learned from a magazine.

5.) Share something you learned from a magazine.

I had never before realised that I could actually make my own margarine until I saw an article about it in a magazine. This happened yesterday.

I was skimming through the magazine and the moment I spotted the article I literally jumped up and told my husband I was going to make us some margarine. He said I was plain crazy and we should finish the just opened store bought box first. But when I decide I’ll do something, I’ll just do it! (I guess I should decide to use the duster a lot more often…)

The recipe is simple:

Mix together about 200g of butter (room temperature) and about or less 2dl vegetable oil or olive oil (or mix and match) You can even add water if you want the margarine to be lighter, but who wants that? Then add some your favorite spices; herbs, onion, garlic, nuts, chili or whatever you can imagine.


I wanted to add some fresh herbs, but because at this spur of a moment we didn’t have any at home (I’m no Jamie Oliver and neither is the husband) I simply couldn’t. Instead I added some cayenne pepper, maldon salt and ground onion (about a teaspoonful of each).

I mixed the butter and the vegetable and olive oil (almost 1dl each) and the spices. I gave it a few extra whirls to make sure it was fully mixed. Then I helped a little with a spoon to really mix it and when I was satisfied I tasted it. It was OK, but not spicy enough, so I added another teaspoon of cayenne pepper. After a a whirl or two, it was perfect and I stuck it in the fridge to cool down in a Tupperware.


It was really easy and fast to make once the butter had been laying on the table for a few hours. Next time I’ll use a little less olive oil, but will probably definitely do it again!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – A magazine taught me this

  1. Well, good for you! Honestly, I don’t think I would have been inspired to make my own margarine but, after you shared the idea of herbs and spices being added, I totally get the appeal now :-> (And what is Maldon salt?)

    So happy to have connected with you through Mama Kat!


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